Actually danceable mashups
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The Hood Internet has a bunch of awesome remixes of hip-hop and indie rock(usually). I particularly enjoy R. Kelly vs. Broken Social Scene, Justice Vs. Destiny's Child, and Ghostface Killah vs. Spoon. I've been listening all morning.
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You beat me to posting this. Sigh.

The R. Kelly/Broken Social Scene mashup is actually better than BOTH originals. And there's a video.
posted by dw at 9:38 AM on May 23, 2007 has some good stuff too. I've found stuff there I heard on net/sat radio and thought I'd never find again. "Crazy as she goes" and "Missing Sweet Love" I think are eminently listenable, danceable, and clever without being precious.
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I wish I knew who any of those people were.
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Boy, I wish I wasn't getting "403" errors from zShare. Yay free, ad-supported services; boo ginormous popunders and unavailable files.
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I'm usually turned off by mashups, but these are great - nice post.
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These are very good! Thanks for sharing.
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These are cool, but mjbraun's right - 403's everywhere...
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Outstanding find, thank you.
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I'm sorry, but these are nothing when compared to Q-Unit 50 rapping over classic Queen songs is the greatest thing ever.
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That R.Kelly Vs Broken Social Scene track is unbelievable. Stunning find thanks!
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