Contemporary Russian Animation
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The Other Side - A funny short film by Mikhail Aldashin, one of the most talented Russian contemporary animation directors.
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Oh, contemporary. I was about 5 minutes through it, marveling at how modern (and Western) some of it was, before I realized it was just drawn to be old-timey. Neat.
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....killer ending!
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Very nice! I really loved the first reveal of the outside world... I could watch this stuff all day.
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Very nice!

I wish I knew what language the voiceover at the end was; it sure as hell wasn't Russian. (Aldashin is from Tuapse, but I doubt it's Adyghe/Circassian. Not much of an audience for that.)
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Quite clever, thanks!
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That was fabulous, thank you vronsky. I was eager to see more of his work and found one more - this kelleh aka kelle from 1988 is also quite charming.
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The noble earth pushing peasant is exploited the world over by the voracious and hedonistic aristocrat. It's an old story.

Thanks for the post!
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Awesome stuff, thanks for posting!
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So enjoyed that. Charming film. Wish I could find much of anything about the artist on the web. Tried to use what I think is the Cyrillic for Mikhail Aldashin, Алдашин Михаил. All I could find were this great blog packed with YouTube gems, ferlix, and this site in Russian, multiskazka, which looks like it has a number of contemporary Russian animations.
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