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Ohmygodimonfire and other Logan Whitehurst and the Junior Science Club fan videos. (post contains:1)fire 2)Mario 3)Wikipedia biography 4)music page 5)downloadable discography 6)cat robots 7)battling noodles)
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I've only seen the first one so far, but it was awesome. Thanks!
posted by pupdog at 4:34 PM on May 24, 2007

I know what you think.
It is better than you think.
posted by hexatron at 4:37 PM on May 24, 2007

Strange and very catchy little songs about very odd things. They Might Be Giants fans should check this out. For instance, I now know that a robot cat needs pancake power.
posted by Area Control at 4:42 PM on May 24, 2007

Aaaah! Logan Whitehurst! I miss that guy, man ... from the mp3.com days.
posted by The Great Big Mulp at 5:45 PM on May 24, 2007

PS: hexatron's right.
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Robot Cat just made me smile.
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Geez, when I was a kid mumble cassette tape mumble pots and pans mumble Casio VL-Tone mumble ...
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Paging user 35368, user 35368 to the white courtesy phone.

RIP, Logan, you were an awesome friend.

THANK YOU PANTSROBOT. (INeverLikedHim was my AIM handle until AIM took it away).
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If anyone who knew Logan or knew of him hasn't seen it, here is the video from his memorial service.
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I can't believe how much I dig this guy's work and that he lived nearish to me and that he's DEAD. That fucking BLOWS. I'ma pour out some Quik for Logan.
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Wait ... he's dead?

I've been wanting to get back in touch with him. We communicated a lot in the mp3.com days. At the time we considered collaborating on something, and for the past few months I've been thinking about getting back in touch with him and maybe, well, attempting, or, at least, talking about, that again. Shit.

Well, I guess tonight'll be a Logan Whitehurst listening sorta night.
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Actually, to be honest, I wanted to tell him how much of a musical inspiration he's been to me. The attempting to collaborate with him again thing, see, that was a lie. I mean, we e-mailed about it a bit in '99 and the first couple '00s. But over the past year, yeah, I wanted to tell him he inspired me quite a bit.

Sorry for lying.
Not sure why I did.

Not sure why I'm being honest now.

why are my tears so wet, so wet?
posted by The Great Big Mulp at 9:36 PM on May 24, 2007

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