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Being a huge fan of the late, great Mr Harrison, I was hunting around youtube and found this video of a sitar lesson... which led me to this stunning performance by Ravi Shankar on Dick Cavett's show. [Previously]
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Cool quote: "The magic in music happens only when the artist serves it with love and joy - and the listeners receive it with the same spirit."

Cool relatives: His daughter Anoushka is also an amazing musician.

Then, there's his other daughter.

Cool Harrison trivia: when George's wife Olivia managed to fend off the knife-weilding intruder in 1999, close friend Tom Petty sent George a fax that read "Aren't you glad you married a Mexican girl?"

Your favourite sitarist sucks.
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"In the better late than never department, just now, the Russians have put on sale A Hard Days Night and A Taste of Honey, and three hundred thousand copies were sold immediately."
"Just like that. Well who knows, maybe in another twenty years they'll get out of Afghanistan."

I forget where I first saw it, but have a look/listen at Jake Shimabukuro blissing out playing "While my guitar gently weeps" on ukulele.
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Oh, yeah; I've seen that clip before...
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Oh man, what a nice post. I'm running out right out of the house now, but I'll check it later and comment, just wanted to leave a message saying how cool it is.

P.S. I had no clue Norah Jones was Shankar's daughter.
P.S.2. Anoushka Shankar is god. I inevitably fell in love with her the first time I watched that Tribute For Harrison concert.
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The Concert for Bangladesh featuring Ringo Starr, Bob Dylan, Billy Preston, Eric Clapton, Ravi Shankar, and Leon Russell.
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I can't view the video (at work here); however, I know there is a video of Mr. H. practicing the Sitar in the great 1977 BBC documentary "All You Need Is Love". Could be the same one. If you can find copies of AYNIL, it is a treasure trove of similar stuff.
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Lovely, thanks for the link.

I can't help but think someone's going to accuse him of sitar wankery though.
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Thanks for the introduction to Anoushka's music. Very impressive, very beautiful.
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It's a pretty well known clip. I believe a piece of it appears in the film Raga, made about Shankar by George Harrison.

The problem is that the American talk show is about as far from the right context to experience Hindustani music as possible. Give Ravi an hour or two at least. Heck, give him an hour for his alap alone.
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I often wonder if the sitar is like the banjo; it's hard to tell when someone is good, or just a hack...

Don't get me wrong... I enjoyed it, but don't really know what's good or bad.
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Actually... I seldom wonder that, but it just seemed the right phrase to use...
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No sitar wankery involved, but this is one of my favorite George clips.
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cool post, and nice additional links in-thread - thanks, all.

Call me sentimental, but I still miss George something fierce. He was me fave! *sighs*
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spitbull, I was hoping that people who don't know much about Indian music would be able to get into a shorter clip.

I'm a big fan of Ravi's composition for George, Arpan. Have you seen it?

See also:

jpburns, Ravi is considered to be one of the best sitarists of all time.
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I know his rep, I just meant.... what should we be listening for?
How can we tell what a crap sitarist (or banjo player) sounds like?

I'm just askin'...
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I think the thing to remember is that it's all improvised based on the tala, or rhythmic patterns of the tabla. Here, watch this:
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That Rutland clip is HILARIOUS.
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can't view the video (at work here); however, I know there is a video of Mr. H. practicing the Sitar in the great 1977 BBC documentary "All You Need Is Love".

Upon further review, the clip can be found in "All You Need Is Love"
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Upon even further review, AYNIL is just now available on DVD, see here
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Olivia Harrison and Barbara Orbison were on Later... this evening, talking about a new Wilburys documentary that George shot. It looked great!
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