Ryan Lobo's photoblog
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Ryan Lobo is a photographer and writer who's work shows you an unique glimpse of India and other places.
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Wow nice find! Thanks.
posted by dog food sugar at 9:32 PM on May 28, 2007

I like the stories along with the photographs in the first link very much.
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Not only are there great photos, but the stories and writing really make this stand out. Excellent post!
posted by BobsterLobster at 9:38 PM on May 28, 2007

The "longneck" group linked in "India" actually live on Thailand-Myanmar border.

Great post.
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posted by dhruva at 10:55 PM on May 28, 2007

Wow dhruva, great find.

Ryan Lobo's exceptional photographs are certainly some of the very best I've ever seen of India or Thailand. He's an artist in images and words. Some of the pictures are so intense they seem to move, or as if they include the movement of narrative rather than just being stills.

He's a young man now whose work is obviously great. Can't help thinking he'll be one of the planet's most renowned photographers in the years to come.

Reading his blog, it's such a treat to hear his honest and personal interaction with each of the places and with the people he photographed. The topics he chose, like the tantric practitioners, intiates undergoing scarification, padaung longnecks, Muay Thai child boxers etc are the kind that could be made cheap with sensationalism, but he sees the events and strangeness with intelligence, meaning, subtlety and depth.
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I actually know the guy, we used to meet at Koshy's occasionally, but I'd no idea that he'd set up a blog etcl till recently.
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How neat you know him dhruva. Koshy's looks like a great place. Loved his pics of the locals there. Can almost hear the conversations and taste the nimbu pani (or whatever they call limeade there). Bangalore's likeable, "the naturally air-conditioned city".
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Interesting stuff. There is certainly some strange behaviour
in India check out Aghoris from the main galleries link There's nothing like drinking your broth from a human skull.
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A little about the fascinating Aghoris on Wikipedia.
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Really enjoying this site and have added to my bookmarks. Thanks for the link dhruva.
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love these--thanks!
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