Al Columbia is in your house *right now*
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Al Columbia has finally updated his site . Previously, there had been ominous hinting at a more fleshed-out web experience, but no follow-up. Rumors of a documentary by Kevin Belli have been in the air for years, but nothing has been announced beyond this (scroll down). In March, the Fantagraphics blog brought more news of the documentary's progress and hints of publishing Columbia's sketchbooks. Columbia himself confirmed the Fantagraphics book at the beginning of April in an Inkstuds interview (audio), describing it as a large-format collection of most of his unpublished work from the last ten years. Promises, promises. His contribution to Mome 7 and 8 seem to be a bit more concrete. If you've been waiting on A.C. all these years, you'll want to hear that interview: he brings you song (his own Percival Cook), much nervous laughter, meandering descriptions, and dream revelations (at age 12, a dream of having sex with Felix the Cat). [more inside]
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My favorite quote:

"Hahaha! Yeah, uh, I just [clears throat] uh... [pause] Yeah! I'm not sure what it is, it just sounded right to called it "Ollie the Oligarch" because it's just all these men in sort of, you know, black-tie attire, sort of feeding on their own intestines..."

Yes: more Al Columbia please.

Background on the A.C.:
Paul Gravett's 2002 synopsis [The Comics Journal]

A rundown of the whole Big Numbers episode [Submedia, 1999]

[Previously on Metafilter]

Oh right, and the best Mefi commentary on Al Columbia thus far:

Al Columbia is a cock tease.

Write that down and put it on your book jacket.

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Aloysius, you're so sassy! And right of course.
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Not particularly impressed... he seems to confuse mild visual subversiveness with making a point.
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Oh Al Columbia, you old so and so... I will believe that he's actually making new stuff when I see it with my own two eyes!

To Burhanistan and Spacelegoman: the thing about Mr. Columbia is that his reputation is so huge for some really weird reasons - his spectacularly small output (of very impressive work), his insane personal history, etc. I'm a fan, but even if you aren't, it's pretty crazy to see how even a rumor of an upcoming release gets such a huge reaction from Columbia lovers and haters. Check The Comics Journal's messageboards, where "I heard the project was taken over by Al Columbia" is comic-nerd speak for "That comic will never happen in a billion years", for more Al-related craziness.
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Is anyone else getting a really tall white page on with no content, but full source (upon peeking)?
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Yep, all white. Maybe the hosting? It wasn't doing that an hour ago...
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Now I am so angry.
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Allowing yourself titillation by Al Columbia is a tragic sign of weakness.

I don't think this requires any further comment.
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What a minute, who called Al Columbia a cock tease again? Titillation is your department, friend. Great quote though, I still second it.
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His graphic work is indeed spectacular. His sketchbooks will be printed? Huzzah!
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