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Fontfilter -- ever wondered what font a logo uses? Wonder no more. (site's in German but the chart is simple--there's also a reversed one, by font instead of by company)
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Also: Authors reveal the fonts they work in
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This thread is useless without pictures.
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Love it! This could come in handy! Thanks for the post.
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It's fascinating that Hustler Magazine is in there.

For the brief time I was in art departments doing corrections/changes/revamps to existing stuff, figuring out which font was used was always painful for me.
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i use GE Inspira a lot. It's a really nice font. GE has always used a custom-designed font. Sort of like being a benefactor to an ancient trade.
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The BBC's use of Gill Sans is something that makes me strangely happy, because Eric Gill also designed the statues on Broadcasting House. It's nice that the motif is carried through, and it's a great font. Gill himself was a bastard though.
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This also is a great way to identify fonts. I use it all the time (Im a web/graphic designer). Its quite clever - I haven't found anything else like it on the web.
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Seconding the recommendation of What The Font. It was the first thing I thought of when I saw the thread topic.
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What the Font is fantastic, but if you don't have a big enough sample Identifont is a good backup.

On a side note: Slate does an article on Helvetica.
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Semi-related: Famous Fonts
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I see some that are wrong, but my inability to understand German prevents me from doing anything about it! Also I'm tired. As we learned from Slate's lovely Helvetica slideshow, Microsoft uses Helvetica, not Franklin Gothic, and Bank of America does use Franklin Gothic, and not Meta. OK, nap time.
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Notice how there aren't any companies listed that use Comic Sans?

Yeah, let's keep it that way.
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Ban Comic Sans
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I just realised we share our font with fucking McDonalds.

Fucking designers .... I'll give them a Grotesk Aksidenz.
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