Sorry, No Throbbing Gristle
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Although Industrial Musicals and their jaunty odes to corporate pride and brand loyalty have seen the same fate as the values they espoused (mostly), goofily earnest and undeniable catchy tunes like Exxon's Up Came Oil, General Electric's Make a Woman Out of Your Wife, and The Monroe Calculator Company's 1660 & 65 are still as potent as all get out! [More songs and albums to help you get your gray flannel funk on inside]
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I've been particular to IBM's "Ever Onward, IBM" (warning: Flash) myself.

"Sing men, sing!"
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Holy Baby Jesus on a silver platter with carrots and fingerling potatoes! That is the most bizarre, amazing, outstanding, and offensive genre of music I had never until this moment heard of.

Flagging as fantastic.
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I'm a big fan of Michael Brown's "The Woolworth Manager's Working Song," myself. Download it here.
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Dispepsi Blue?
Wonderful post!
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I came to this FPP in the hopes that Skinny Puppy or Front 242 had composed an operetta. Now I am crushed. I will go cry now.
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I can't remember if I got this link from the Blue or MoFi, but here's some music for folks on the other side of the register: S. S. Kresge Company Background Music No. 123,
produced by Special Recordings Inc.

Glad you liked the post!
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There, there, lekvar. It's going to be okay. (youtube, slight derail)
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Sadly, there weren't as many Labor musicals.

I've been particular to IBM's "Ever Onward, IBM" (warning: Flash) myself.

Monty Python-style T.J. Watson Sr. is the funniest thing I've seen all week. Thank you.

Our products now are known/In every zone!
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Wow, another TG let down! 2 in 1 week is almost too much for me!
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Thanks for that, Benjamin Nushmutt.

*wipes tears, stiffens upper lip*

Cool post, Alvy Ampersand, despite my earlier criticisms.
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The really sad and slightly terrifying thing that just dawned on me is that part of the reason I am so thrilled at all of these is because I had a tricky time a few months back trying to assemble a disc of songs for cleaning the house, and I wanted songs about the kitchen floor and etcetera, and I had a heckuva a time tracking any down. Now, thanks to the glory of the Metafilter, and the faded glory of the Industrial Musical, I'll have no problem putting together playlists that will charm and titillate, even as I'm cleaning the tub.
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Oh, and the other part of the reason is that these are all pretty awesome.
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This is a terrific post. I had no idea anything like this existed. I think so far my favorite is this jaunty anti-nuclear power number. Worth it for the first 3 seconds alone.
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lekvar, perhaps you can be consoled with Blixa Bargeld reading the Hornbach catalog?
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On the same, er, note: The Association of International Glaucoma Societies’ Glaucoma Hymn

... additional goodness here.
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What's it all about
Is it just for these excellent links?

Thanks for the great post.
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I, for one, welcome my 1001 electrical servants.
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Countdown to a full-blown MeFi musical?
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Thank you so much. I, for one, never had any idea of this amazing sub-genre.

Any idea when the change-over took place from beautifully whimsical to nightmarish took place? I am, of course, talking about kpmg...
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So far my creepy favorite has to be the musical numbers by Ortho Pharmaceuticals salesmen. Bless you, WFMU!
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Does anyone have any links of foreign examples of things like these? A Sony or Hyundai musical, perhaps? Surely they must exist...
posted by Sangermaine at 12:48 AM on June 1, 2007

My favorite is this one.
posted by vira at 4:48 AM on June 1, 2007

This is fantastic. What a great post, Alvy. I love me a musical -- and had no idea such a thing as an industrial musical existed.

I would love to hear the Ministry version of Make a Woman out of Your Wife (by Buying Household Appliances)
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