Architectural Terra-cotta
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Also good with berry sauce. Oh terra-cotta.
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Hey spock, great minds think alike. I'd been wanting to make a post like this for awhile and never got around to it. I'm glad you did. I only have one link to add, Gladding McBean, one of California's oldest architectural terra cotta makers. The company has created pieces that can be seen all over the world. The company still produces architectural terra-cotta.
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As does Boston Valley Terra Cotta. (I believe that they are the only two in the U.S.). Click on "Projects" for some restoration projects around the country.
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It's good for building armies as well.
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One of the best place in Italy, where you can buy terracotta articles (plates) is in Sicily: Caltagirone, a little town near Palermo.
Caltagirone has also enjoyed a resurrection of it's ceramics and majolica industry in the last two centuries.

It's a great place
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Great post, but you forget the Wrigley Building in Chicago.

One of the most striking features of the Wrigley Building results from being clad in approximately 250,000 individual glazed terra cotta tiles, the most extensive use of terra cotta in the world during the time of construction. Each tile is uniquely identified in a computer database that enables consistent tracking and maintenance of each and every tile located on the building.
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Excellent post, spock - thank you!
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I could still hear the musicians
cajoling those thousands of clay
horses and horsemen through the squeeze
when I woke beside Carlotta.
Life-size, also. Also terra-cotta.
The sky was still a terra-cotta frieze
over which her grandfather still held sway
with the set square, fretsaw, stencil,
plumb line, and carpenter's pencil
his grandfather brought from Roma.
Proud-fleshed Carlotta. Hypersarcoma.
For now our highest ambition
was simply to bear the light of the day
we had once been planning to seize

-"Beijing" from Horse Latitudes by Paul Muldoon
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