Woman exposed to radiation dies at 124 years of age
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Woman exposed to radiation dies at 124 years of age Just to lighten your day and to avoid being called a troller! Perhaps this is the secret to longivity that science searches for.
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> Perhaps this is the secret to longevity

The Chernobyl accident happened in 1986, when Maria Vasilyevna Sharaya may already have been about 110. (There's debate over the accuracy of her birth certificate.) If she found the secret to long life, I'd say she found it long before we ever heard of Chernobyl.

And if one of the necessary ingredients to her secret recipe for long life is living like she did -- hard living in a tiny wooden shack in Belarus -- maybe I'll just die like everyone else, thanks.
posted by pracowity at 5:02 AM on March 4, 2001

I'd imagine, though I'm sure extremely older people (95+) will contest, that anything over, say, 106 would get to be rather boring. I mean, sure, at that age, people have become one with life, have reached a state of contentment with their lives, etc... But damn. Imagine the fourteen years from 110 to 124. At that age, you wouldn't really have the luxuries of doing much, as whatever you'd like to do would require the assistance of others.

I think I'll stay on the normal lifespan timeline, until someone can help me retain full functionality of limbs and internal organs. That, or until someone brings down the RIAA and successfully facilitates the peer-to-peer filesharing of copyrighted material.
posted by Hankins at 7:15 AM on March 4, 2001

Not neccesarily true, Hankins. I've seen 95 year old men who are still nimble and healthy enough to jump out on the dancefloor at their Grand Daughter's wedding. It all depends on how healthy you stay.

Hell, you might not be able to do anything without assistance at the age of 60 if you don't keep an eye on your health.

I thought the assumption that she may have still lived if she had "kicked that cold" was great. I wonder if she's a Guiness Record Holder?
posted by christian at 8:48 AM on March 4, 2001

I went hiking with a guy last year who was 87. He not only beat me up the mountain, but he was resting and half way done with his lunch by the time I got there (he got sick of waiting for me). BTW, I'm 34, not in bad shape and I *wasn't* loafing.

posted by muppetboy at 8:59 AM on March 4, 2001

Ah Chernobyl, such a light topic. The secret to a short life for some. Four sentences should not be able to be called "content" either.
posted by chrismc at 11:54 AM on March 4, 2001

Just imagine how long she could have lived if not for the accident at Chernobyl!
posted by daveadams at 12:53 PM on March 4, 2001

Re: Nimbleness of old people; This morning I was passing through a park area near my house and saw an old man... brown suit, black tie, black shoes, white cane with gold beak, black bowling hat slightly tipped to the side, "good morning" he said to me - he didn't put up much of a fight.
posted by holloway at 3:32 PM on March 4, 2001

What did not get mentioned in the article was that she had been seeing a much younger Russian man who noted of her: Old but firm.
posted by Postroad at 3:33 PM on March 4, 2001

No, this is the secret to longevity.
posted by chesuta at 9:43 PM on March 4, 2001

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