Affected by Digg Effect
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DailyHub - "Social Content for Business Geeks". A Digg-esque aggregator that purports to be grown up.
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So this is going to be what life is like after Murdoch purchases Dow Jones? Maybe Shafer in Slate is right and the FT should aggressively poach whatever they can, sans editorial staff. I stopped reading editorials in the WSJ when they referred to those who were too poor to pay taxes as "Lucky Duckies".
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Business... geeks...

Business... geeks...

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Ok so it's reddit/digg with a different CSS file. Color me unimpressed.
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Just so you know, the link entitled ...

Why It's Important to Love Your Customers

doesn't mean what you hope it means.
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Digg seems pretty growed up to me.
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This is like reddit without anything interesting
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I predict -
A ton of Digg related posts on DailyHub

(ala Ron Paul)
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I cross-posted this thread there, so maybe some kind of resonance echo effect will happen or something. Or not.
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Bighappyfunhouse - That was the first thing I saw on there. Out of the 25 links on there at the time, 4 had Digg in the headline.
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It's entertaining that social link sites like this are defined as the Bright New Hope.

In the cold light of day, they're just versions of Reader's Digest, except online. Just as Reader's Digest supposedly provides the best of print journalism, so these link sites try and provide the best of online material (although this is a fallacy—90% of the links are to online versions of material generated for print or TV; it's not like there's nothing but links to blogs).

Reddit suffers in particular. Half the links are jokes, half the links are more sombre. This is an almost perfect description of Reader's Digest. All that Reddit lacks is a domain.

What's worse is that many links seem to go around and around and around. Dupes are common, maybe spaced out six months apart. The users of the site have short memories, or maybe the sites just have high membership turnovers.

The problem for the reader of these sites is the same that affects Reader's Digest—readers walk away thinking that they're educated and enlightened, and have spent their time well, but really they've merely been entertained. The links mostly point to trivia. There's rarely a thorough and complete argument put forward in one of the links, because that's not what the audience is interested in. Linking to a long piece of journalism that requires you to think will get you nowhere. Better to link to a YouTube video, or a cool visual illusion, or somebody ranting about George W Bush...
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FWIW, this thread is currently #1 over there.
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It's also completely mistagged, probably as a result of the "separate by commas not spaces" pseudostandard I hate (Blogger does this too, and calls them "labels", pshaw).
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I kind of like separating things by commas, not spaces.

Otherwise, silliny-things-like this or silly_things_like_this or SillyThingsLikeThis happen.

But, that's just one guy's opinion.
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That's a good point. I just wish there was a single standard.

For everything.

Now if you'll excuse me, I need to order my different kinds of OCD medicine again.
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Two vectors of "interestingness to humans": 1) What grabs my own attention? 2) What grabs the attention of "everybody else"?

At Digg, these two forces are in some sort of sick sex dance.
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