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Dicebox: A webcomic with amazing artwork by Jenn Manley Lee. (site's main page) A non traditional sci-fi serial comic, concerning the lives of migrant workers in the future. Fleen review
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AH! I started reading this a while ago, forgot to bookmark it and totally forgot the url. I really liked this comic; the portrayal of migrant workers in the future gave me the hope that webcomics would not forever be mired in gaming humor or D&D derivative fantasy settings. Makes me want to draw a cool webcomic.

And the colors! Oh the colors!
posted by Mister Cheese at 10:05 AM on June 7, 2007

Great find. I will be reading this. Along with riceboy.
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That is lovely. I just want to point out that I read "How long was I asl--" as "How long was I age/sex/location."

posted by L. Fitzgerald Sjoberg at 11:11 AM on June 7, 2007

The dialogue got to be a bit wordy for me and there's a kind of disinterest in the way much of it is drawn, but it really is compelling in that futuristic way. And definitely the colors. I liked the illustration at the top of the page here.
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I'd never seen riceboy before pointilist. That's really cool.
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I just want to point out that I read "How long was I asl--" as "How long was I age/sex/location."

Here, Lore, have a lol...
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I really liked it.

I read through everything written so far, and I have to say that it gets better as it goes along.

Jenn Manley Lee, the creator, was trying to be real ambiguous about relationships and gender in the first few chapters in a way that I found frustrating. I couldn't tell if Griffen was a man or a woman for ages (which I understand was intentional, just, say, not to my taste.)

Once it was clear that they were a married lesbian couple, then I understood their relationship much better, and I think the story has really grown nicely.

And I also found it refreshing. Not every space story has to have laser guns and aliens. Homeless migratory lesbian union workers are quite interesting protagonists.
posted by MythMaker at 5:33 PM on June 7, 2007

yeah MythMaker, many of those things are what appealed to me as well.
The gender thing is also interesting as the story seems to hint that what is marriage has changed, their certainly are not in a strict monogamist relationship, nor strictly lesbian, and within the groups they move in it seems pretty matter-of-fact.
posted by edgeways at 7:42 PM on June 7, 2007

Yeah, the culture around their sexuality is really fascinating. You're right, they're not lesbians - they're bisexual, have an incredibily open relationship that also has a certain mystery. I wish her the best of luck as she continues to write the story.
posted by MythMaker at 11:52 AM on June 10, 2007

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