Get Out Your &@*!$ Checkbook
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Come on down to Funtown Auto! (WARNING: NSFW Language) They'll finance anyone. Similar in style to, if not actually made by Tim and Eric. [Single Link FunnyOrDie]
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Awesome. Now, where's my checkbook...
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My favorite real dealership come-on: "All credit applications will be accepted!"
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Pretty funny and weird, and very similar to Tim and Eric. As someone on that page posted in the comments: their online merchandise commercial.
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Hmm, what makes this funny (only for me) is that as a teenager during the summer I used to work in Funtown USA's (don't let the name fool ya!) electronic shooting gallery and inflatable trampoline ride. The two amusements combined would have made me a lot happier. This ad for the car lots surrounding the park, fake as it is, still has real Funtown street cred.
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You young whippersnappers missed out of the 50's and the 60's. Small town...hand-made car ads filled the airwaves.
Dogs with hats. Clowns marking down prices. Women in bathing suits juggling. Sometimes on live TV. Jarbled speech.
Dealers taking pies to the face. Guys with live animals...especially horses and elephants.....and monkeys.
Look what I got folks....look what I got. Do I have a deal for you. Come on down. Bring the whole famn damily. We'll make you a deal.
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Or you mean like Fuccillo Hyundai commercial ever made? The greatest gift of an upstate New York college education.

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I used to work in Funtown USA

Beats Palace Playland, brothuh!
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You know, I sort of didn't even want to find that funny, but that was hilarious.

Good use of Disturbed.
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I have no idea what the shit is going on there, but I loved it.
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Great job!
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ok. not bad.
but comparing this to tim and eric is way off.
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I urge ye who enjoyed this to give a few minutes' kind attention to "Caffeine. A Love Story."

(Not usually my brand of humor, but I'm laughing so hard, I'm in pain.)
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Mayor Curley, I worked the strip at Palace Playland too, cleaning motel rooms and working in a shop that sold iron-on transfers with delightfully arch bon mots such as "free mustache rides". That is some Wicked Pissah Cred. (Sistah)
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