You are boring the $#!* out of me!
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A new video by Jed Davis' Hanslick Rebellion. A meanspirited, though easy to identify with, piece about office small-talk. A feel good summer song for those of us tied to desks. Warning: Loud swearing.
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Coincidentally, it bored the shit out of me.

The only thing that saves me from crushing boredom here in my cube is the internests, but this video is supermeh. It's true: when you're bored then you're boring. Did I just quote Harvey Danger?

dammit interrobang, why did I have to take a bite of my burrito just then?
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Jesus Fucking Christ.
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The verses are a little slow, but that anthemic chorus is going to be with me for days.
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You can't really go wrong by putting out a song for disenfranchised office workers, and then putting it up on youtube for all the anti-establishment cube jockeys to IM and email to each other.
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Forget the song itself, it's only medium good, but the sentiments are more subtle than disenfranchisement. Seriously, we actually have a rescue system where I work. If Ms. X goes on too long about this, and that, and the cats, and whatever... one of us will call the victim's desk from an outside line, giving them an escape route (excuse me, I have to take this call.)

A lot of people are too polite to time wasting denizens of worn out cliched conversations, and they often don't have the social skills to effectively get rid of these boring intruders. So they suffer in silence. Apparently, I'm not one of them, because the folks in my cube farm made a rule not to talk to Area Control before 10am. They did this without my knowledge, and have been surprisingly strict in its enforcement. Of course there is the one guy who figured out my irritation button, and now asks "how was your vacation?" every time he sees me, which is anywhere from 0 to 10 times a day. Win some, lose some I guess.
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People trying to be nice are such assholes.
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That was aimed at the video, BTW. I understand that there are some people at work that you must escape. There's one woman at my office who is so boring I'm convinced she has a mental illness -- how else could she note realize how she just never shuts the fuck up?
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Hmm. I guess I'm the only one who found it cute.
Then again, I don't have a job either.
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Just try to remember that today's hip humor is tomorrow's worn out cliche, soon to be authenic historical period banter.
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I love the photos the guy shows of his kids on vacation.

The title of the song does it a disservice, though. If it was called something else that monster outburst at the beginning of each chorus would be truly shocking. As it is you keep expecting for something to happen.

Still, a fun song and a video that i think perfectly realizes the milieu the song is meant to send up
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I've never worked with people that boring. Close to, but not quite. You can always redirect the conversation to something more interesting. I have met people who "lack conversational empathy". There is nothing to be done with them, but try to avoid them. I once had a roommate who would continue droning on as I said goodbye and actually left the room until I was out of earshot (and longer for all I know).
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I liked the part where he said a swear.
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