“Is this chat going to go on much longer? I’ve got some shopping to do.”
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Philosophy (digested). Julian Baggini reads philosophy classics, so you don't have to. Plato, Aristotle, Descartes, Hume, Ayer (“Sex is empirically verifiable, it’s only love that ain’t”). OK, its a rip-off of John Crace (prev) but at least these are books you should have read.
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Woke up and realised one thing was certain after all: I am, I exist. (Note to self: catchier slogan needed.)

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Very amusing, but there is one unforgivable distortion.

Descartes would never - and I mean NEVER - have bought gladioli.
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The entry on Descartes is by far the best. In all, funnier than I expected.
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Very nice.
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Don't pass up the humorous book on philosophy "Plato and the Platypus." Enjoyable light reading about some dour men.
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He got Descartes all wrong. A bunch of Saturday's ideas were falsely attributed to Tuesday. Thursday is too important to give it such short shrift. Friday is the day that no one ever remembers. And on Sunday Descartes had lunch with his friends Thomas, Pierre, Antoine, Johanne, the lesser known Pierre, and some other guys.

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