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Paul Krassner's The Realist. Four issues of the seminal humor magazine to be uploaded per month,
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posted by Sticherbeast at 9:11 AM on June 8, 2007

This really is cool stuff. I saw a bit of the Lenny Bruce part the other day but did not realize the scope of what is being released. Nice post.
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Lewis Black's memoir has a really nice bit about how influential this mag was, particularly the Disney orgy and the JFK throat-fuck.
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Very cool. Bookmarked, thanks!
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At the end of my freshman year at college, in May of 1967, I obtained a copy of the May 67 "Realist" #74--the one with the Great Disneyland Orgy. Shortly, thereafter, I bought the first Grateful Dead LP. Things went downhill from there . . .

Damn you, Paul Krassner! It was all your fault.
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Issue #66 features a piece called "William Worthy Reports." I infer that the author is the same William Worthy, quintessential American left-wing journalist, whose travels to China and Cuba became a footnote to American constitutional law; and who is immortalized in a song on Phil Ochs' first album, "All The News That's Fit To Sing, " called "Ballad of William Worthy."

A tribute to Worthy, with handsome photos of him and the text of the "Ballad," is here.
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Um ... NSFW would've been nice.
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ZenMasterThis, what, you missed the seminal part?
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Fun facts about Paul Krassner. At age six he was the youngest person to play Carnegie Hall. Much later he took over as editor of “Hustler Magazine” while Larry Flynt was recuperating from hideous gunshot wounds after the failed assassination attempt. And somehow or another, somewhere along the way, he managed to get an award from The Feminist Party Media Workshop.

Thanks, Sticherbeast
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Man, I love how Ethan Persoff's site pops up unexpectedly every few months with something new and neat. What a great resource.
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