CRUD CRUD and Gibble Gabble
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CRUD CRUD, brief reviews from a thrift store record collection. Also, Gibble Gabble, spoken-word record reviews, from the same collector.
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Very nice. Crud Crud didn't seem to have the usual big band/religious/80s pop crap that I find nowadays in the stores (I'll have to wait until I get home to check out the other link). Of course, I don't spend as much time thrifting as I used to. Also, here's the obligatory Thrift Score endorsement.
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Fiddle Faddle
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Crud Crud rules.
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That Robert Charlesbois album (2nd one down) is great. I featured it on my own audioblog a while back.

Thanks for the post...I'm always looking for more sites like this to bookmark.
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I'm shocked Crud Crud hasn't been posted before. Yes yes, great stuff. Leave a comment at Gibble Gabble too; it's sort of the neglected step-child of the two.

Also, I was going to link to my favourite Crud Crud post - which is the incredibly weird "Mad Charles" - but it's down at CC, so instead I'll link to it here at PurePop.
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(Honest-to-Goodness Jar-Jar psychic love hugs in your direction three days free.)
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