The Sancho Plan
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The Sancho Plan "create live audiovisual performances and installations for your listening and viewing pleasure." Spacequatica, recently performed at Martyn Ware's Future of Sound event, is an intriguing mix of live sound and animations triggered by electronic drums -- worth a few minutes on a Friday.
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You picked a bad day to post this. Everyone's over that the Bud Light FPP wetting themselves.
posted by humannaire at 1:53 PM on June 8, 2007

By the way, diastematic, had you included this in your post, you might have dragged a few MeFites from the aforementioned Pepsi Blue kegger.

Particularly because of the relationship of that to this [loud classic Flash alert].

It was the collaboration between the Sancho Plan with animators extraordinaire Tokyoplastic which brought that famous internet bit of joy to life in the first place.

...or perhaps had you included a movie tie-in?
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Oooh. Here's some really well-crafted commercialism [more Flash] that is relative to the FPP, more than a little terrific and less than blatant.

Maybe it's not too late for this post after all, diastematic...

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Great connections -- you're good. I just found myself at the Sancho site thinking, geez, someone oughts ta know about this...
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Thanks for reminding me of Martyn Ware, Heaven 17, and what is, possibly, one of my favorite pop songs of all time: Temptation. Stick around long enough to see the amazing Carol Kenyon, whose performance just gets more and more pyrotechnic as the song goes on.
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