Is that a logo in your pocket, or are you just happy to see me?
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Lest we think the London Olympics are unique in their remarkable bad taste, brings us some of the most unfortunate logos ever.
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Most of those (and some that are even EEK-ier) have already been covered by MetaFilter's Own dabitch in her AdLand site.
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previously (The Phallic Logo Awards)... some logos are duped here.
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Hospital for Special Surgery, hmmmm?
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Another one

The arlington pediatric one is still up. I drive past it all the time.
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I'm getting sex ads on this very thin site linked from--how bout a nsfw warning? Oh, and very meh.
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That jazz dancing one can't have been an accident.
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How unexpected! Thanks to the advertisement featured so prominently on the linked page, I am now aware that there are a number of scantily-clad, non-Asian ladies right here in my own little corner of Tokyo! It's not a part of town noted for a very high percentage of foreigners, so imagine my surprise! And apparently they're just dying to meet me! Thanks so much for the post!
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As much as I hate admitting I don't get a joke, what's the problem with the Hospital for Special Surgery one? With a little work I can see it at a one-armed man with a huge penis who has for some reason braced one of his legs against a wall, is that it?
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Arby's. I never really saw it that way until I saw the ad where the constructions workers sexually harass the guy in the suit. It's a dick-shaped neon halo that appears when you're horny. youtube's got the whole thing.
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L. Fitzgerald Sjoberg,
I think what you're supposed to see is a child sitting on a bench with a man with an erection standing in front of him.
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Sangermaine: the Hospital for Special Surgery logo is the one below the corresponding text.
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Really? The hospital for Special Surgery logo requires a whole 'nother level of dirty mind - and I thought I was good at this, wendell even told me so. On the other hand you just have to be childish to laugh at brand names like the poo tofu-stick ;)
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I read some commentary about the Special Surgery logo on a design blog somewhere a long time ago, completely separate from any of the above links. Their thoughts were that it looked like "special surgery" might leave their patients ending up with all their limbs on the wrong side of their body. So, it's not necessarily perverse, just unfortunate.
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