"LOCK UP THE DATE!" --FBI for writers
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FBI 101 -- "Essentials for Writers," an "exciting and informative" interactive workshop for writers being offered to members of my union -- the Writers Guild of America, East - by the FBI Office of Public Affairs and FBI New York. ... -- Very interesting account of a workshop the FBI puts on for writers in NY. What's in it for the FBI? ...The only question we have for you is 'Will it show us in a good light?'" ...
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and here's a report from a Hollywood version of the workshop back in January: FBI memo to Hollywood: If it's not too much trouble, could you please portray our counterterrorism efforts with a bit more realism?
Hoping for an answer in the affirmative, the FBI hosted its first workshop for screenwriters Wednesday at the Federal Building in Westwood.
"FBI -- Crime Essential for Writers" played well with the standing-room-only audience of executives and writers from several major and minor studios. ...
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Sounds like fun.
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Seems odd that the FBI would go out of its way to promote the entertainment value of crime.
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do they cover infiltrating citizens groups like
grandmas for peace?

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The big problem seems to be that the writers are portraying the FBI as too competent.
It just raises peoples expectations.
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and a paper: The Media and the Law and Order Myth in American Political Discourse (lots of interesting stuff)
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also related : digby -- TV Politics
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What a fascinating post. En route to a summer barbeque, must read of your post later, looking forward to it. What an unusual find amberglow, cool.
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"New York is supreme in all things! "It all happens here," said Miller. "With the UN, there are more spies in New York than anywhere else. . ."

Funny, I hear that line here in DC.
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So.. FBI agents aren't actually passionate about cherry pie, damn good coffee, and the plight of the Tibetan people?
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I can't even imagine what they thought of Twin Peaks. (but he was the "fine, upstanding guy" so they probably liked it) : >
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