Fish pedicure
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Japanese onsen are now offering fish pedicures, where little flesh eating fishes nibble your toes. It's very youtube-genic, but there's a longer video report here.
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As a person who fears fish at the best of times...this is so incredibly fightening.

I couldn't get the Times Online link to load, though...prolly just my place of work putting the clamp-down on streaming video. Anyone want to do a quick summary?
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These are the same fish that the Vanessa Williams character in Ugly Betty used to sexify her feet. Apparently, it seduces billionaires! Take heed, metafilter vixens!
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Japanese fish eat raw human beings. The circle is complete.
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I am *so* doing this soon! Sandal weather here we come! The little beasties will be having a feast!
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i thought this was just a joke on ugly betty
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A friend of mine told me that in the lake at her cottage the fish nibble on her toes. She likes the feeling, but once a fish bit her on an inner thigh, and that HURT.
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Goldfish shoals nibbling at your toes? Fun, fun, fun.
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They are known as Doctor fish and the treatment spas seem to have started in Turkey, but have become very popular here in Japan as well lately.
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what happens if you fall in?
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From gomichild's link: The term doctor fish is the name given to two species of fish (Garra rufa, discussed here, and Cyprinion macrostomus). They live and breed in outdoor pools of some Turkish spas, where they feed on the skin of patients with psoriasis. The fish are like combfishes in that they only consume the affected and dead areas of the skin, leaving the healthy skin to grow
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So, would the little fish stop once they had sucked off all the sloughed off dead surface skin, or would they keep on digging into the epidermis until they hit blood (and beyond)?
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Been bitten by crescent wrasse(s) and didn't enjoy the pinch. But I suppose a little nibbling on the dead skin on the feet would be fine.

Still... reminds me a little of this. Same principle, no?
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caddis responded to my question telepathically.
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As long as they don't try to swim up my urethra.
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Fish nibbled my feet while we were taking the boat out of the lake a couple of weekends ago. For free.
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NationalKato...What? Is Urethra Franklin having this done?
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That's cool. I'd do it.
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Oh, cool. Nibbling my own pedicures has really been hurting my back. Thanks for the fish idea.
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howfar: Maybe, maybe not.
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This isn't unusual fish behavior. I've swam in rivers in California where small fish will do this if you just sit still. It kind of tickles.
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