What You Want, Baby I Got It ...
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"What You Need, You Know I Got It!" The Detroit Free Press celebrates 40 years of Aretha Franklin's "Respect" in grand style.
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Grabbingsand, despite my love for Otis Reading, I still misread that as "Otis reading [as in - like a book] Respect" and though, "Hahah. That's awesome. 'Respect' read at a poetry slam."
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I love google-idol winners pomme and kelly's awesome video of "Respect"
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it is an Otis original, right?
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it is an Otis original, right?


Well, the tubes fail me here - perhaps it was never captured on film - but Aretha's live performance at the Fillmore West in 1971 is a must have if you're an Aretha fan. The version of "Respect" she san g that night is upbeat and tight as you like, but the covers and the Ray Charles collaboration are frickin amazing. In my humble opinion, it's up there with James Brown Live at the Apollo (1962), another of my favourite live albums.

Whenever there's talk about Aretha, it's worth sparing a thought for her sister Erma. Like Aretha, she was blessed with a great voice. Unlike Aretha luck was not on her side - apart from "Piece of My Heart" a top 10 R&B chat hit, she pretty much struck out hit wise. For any one interested, here's a little YouTube nugget of Erma in action a year or two before she died.
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You are reading it as "reading" because it should actually be spelled "Redding," which would allow for the opportunity to have read it properly. Unless, of course, you're joking, then, man, is my face red.

I didn't know that Aretha recorded the song with a cold. Damn! Double Damn!!
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Arguably the best pop song in history. Also, while I like Otis Redding enough, he seems to have written great songs that are inevitably performed better by other artists.
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There was a PBS American Masters episode on Aretha and I missed it. I don't suppose anyone knows where it might be found?
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Awesome link -- thank you very much.

If any song deserves this kind of hullabaloo, this one is right up there.
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Find out what it means to me
Take care, T-CB
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Aretha is my goddess!

Have only seen her perform live once (so far). Guess which song she DIDN'T do that night?

A few years before that I was working at the city's art museum. A colleague was arranging a private tour for Aretha. Coworker dialed a number and started to explain to an "assistant" why she was calling. Suddenly she stops and yelps "Aretha?!"

Wasn't expecting the Queen of Soul to answer her own phone.
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