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The sounds of the old New York Times, (By David Dunlap), now that the paper is moving into a new building
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Hey, that was interesting, thanks for the post. One of the sounds Dunlap vocalized to aurally invoke the factory atmosphere was a reminiscent the Balinese kecak.
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was a reminiscent was reminiscent of

And now there's TWO comments here!
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Wonderful post, thank you.
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I don't suppose we'll still be able to refer to the NYT as the "old grey lady" anymore. Not with all that glass and steel. But change is good. It's a wonder that building didn't fall down with all the quaking. And I'm ashamed to admit, I'd never heard of any of those names of the reporters who walked in the old halls. I guess it's true when they say that reporters rarely make the headlines.
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The first link doesn't seem to work now.
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