Introducing Nunatak
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Introducing Nunatak They are an indie-folk fusion band, but you've probably never heard of them unless you've been to Rothera Research Station in Antarctica. Their first live gig will be broadcast 07/07/07 to hundreds of millions of people on more than 120 networks around the world. Al Gore invited them to play Live Earth because the runway at Rothera is too small for major rock stars. And he promised concerts on all 7 continents. They will have a gorgeous stage, performing outside on the ice if the weather is nice, say minus 15F or so.
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any audio clips of them? it sounds cool (in more ways than one) : >
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Playing on ice? Minus 15? Damn, and I thought I'd done gigs under lousy conditions.
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They hardly seem credible without a MySpace page.
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I did find this blog by one of the band members with some audio clips of solo stuff...
and wow check out his photos page.
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There's a Mothra Research station in Antarctica?! THAT IS SO AWE--oh, wait.
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There is quite the community in Antartica. (I'm self-linking here, but I assume that's OK since it's a comment.) I spoke with a person who described the "music scene" there:
Within this sub-zero small-town environment is an even smaller but cohesive contingent of punk rock fans, ranging in age from early twenties to early fifties, who wear parkas over their Dropkick Murphys shirts, swap burned CDs of NOFX and Pere Ubu, and gather in the coffeehouse to watch documentaries such as "Dogtown and Z-Boys" and "We Jam Econo." The local volunteer radio station has a weekly punk rock showcase (DJed by yours truly) that churns out classic hits from the Clash and the Sex Pistols as well as newer material from bands like Rise Against and the Lawrence Arms, in addition to reading punk news headlines from this very fine website. One highlight of the summer season (which falls between October and February) is the outdoor concert known as Icestock, which occurs annually on January 1st, when the temperature gets up to a scorching 20 degrees Fahrenheit. The headlining band, made up of people from the community, cranks out a full set of Ramones cover songs while a handful of mitten-wearing moshers dance and pogo enthusiastically in front of the flat-trailer bed that serves as a makeshift stage.
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Icestock -- love that! I imagine in an environment like that you really have to create diversions and gatherings. It must be terribly wearing.
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