Balboa Park
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No trip to San Diego's Historic Balboa Park would be complete without witnessing some awesome street performers.
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I would have posted this an hour ago, but I kept watching the damn "awesome" vid.
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The awesome link is a double, I believe.
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How do I always miss these things? (F**K).
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Wow, that was strange. I just got back from a vacation in San Diego, where I thoroughly enjoyed Balboa Park.
When I clicked on the 'awesome' link above, I briefly got very excited, because I was sure I had actually seen this band while I was there. A half a second later I realized that I had merely seen this clip before, when it was linked to last week. Not a good sign. Soon I won't be able to distinguish real life from youtube.
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Haven't clicked on any of the links, but Balboa Park fucking RULES. I spent a lot of time there when I was having my teeth fixed cross-border. I'm not sure which is better, the San Diego Zoo or the aerospace museum with the SR71 mounted outside or the model railroad museum, which is a major work of art in progress.
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Even if it's a double, I'm glad you posted the "awesome" link - those kids are great and I love that song.
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I proposed to my Fiance there back in December. I even had an askme about it.

We get married in October at the Wright House in Mesa, AZ.
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Balboa Park is pretty much the only place in San Diego you can actually make money busking (believe me, I've tried just about everywhere else). Unfortunately you have to buy a permit for $50 a month and show up at an appointed time in the hopes of scoring one of ten available spots. That's why I've never gotten off my butt and played there.
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Saellys: Have you tried the area between Sea Port Village and the Tuna Fleet park? You get all the traffic from sea port. I've seen some kinda bummy looking guys make some cash doing magic and stuff there.

And isn't the permit for Balboa Park on a lottery basis? That's been my excuse.
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Soon I won't be able to distinguish real life from youtube.

RealTube? YouLife?
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