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The LED Museum has long been the Internet's premier source of absolutely obsessive LED and Laser analysis. Going strong since 1999, Craig Johnson's amassed quite a range of test equipment. Recently, he acquired a Playstation 3 Blu-Ray Laser Module. Did he mod it? Oh yes he did. (Warning: NSFC64)
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How does the HD-DVD laser measure up?
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Craig needs to clean his repulsive carpet. Gahj.
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I like this quote on the page about the PS3 laser:
You ***MUST NOT*** shine this in your eye — not even when the unit is below lasing threshold!!!

You will have bright afterimages that can persist for up to several DAYS...yes, I learned this the hard way.
It's all fun and games until ...
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... someone lasers an eye.
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Please do not look into laser with remaining eye.
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So he still shines lasers in his eyes? Because after 7+ years of running that place you'd think he would've known that already.
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I always enjoy getting a glimpse into realm of geekiness which I don't personally occupy. Laser-geeks are are a breed I haven't observed since watching Real Genius.

Thanks for the post!
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I bet shining it into his eye is one of those things he just has to do with a new laser. Like people who have to touch their tongue to new 9-volt batteries.
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MMm, 9-volt batteries.
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Yes! Great post! I ran into this guy's website some years ago, at a time when I became dissatisfied that Maglite had not yet made an LED flashlight, and I was looking for a replacement flashlight. I seem to remember he lived in Seattle, am I mistaken?

Eventually I ended up with a model I bought at Walmart for about 20 dollars, though I am quite satisfied with it. I'm glad to see this man getting the rightful attention he deserves.
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Sacramento, actually. Did you notice all the home-modded mag-lites that he shows with LED? How insane is that?
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I heard that the Blu-Ray was voted Best Ray of 2007 by RayWatch.
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effugas: How insane is that?
Mr. Johnson is, although a famous pioneer in the field, only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to flashlight insanity.
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Carrying a laser down a road that I must travel.
Carrying a laser in the darkness of the night.
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It sure looks like it's been around since 1999.
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Damn straight. Web 1.0 -- it's all 'bout the content.
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That's not a flashlight. This is a flashlight. (via)
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How does the HD-DVD laser measure up?

I think it's the same bland, invisible Infrared laser used for current CDs and DVDs.

Also, I hope he put a UV filter on there.
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delmoi: no, HD-DVD uses a 405nm laser, like Blu-Ray. The whole reason you can get more data on those discs is that you're using a shorter-wavelength laser to read them.

(Compare to CDs, which use a near-IR 780nm, and DVDs, which use a visible-red 650nm.)
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Huh, for some reason I had always though HD-DVD was just an HD signal on a regular disk. I guess I was wrong :P.
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