Count on it.
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The song for "12" was done by The Pointer Sisters, by the way.
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Sesame Street saved my emotional life as a child... Anything Sesame Street related get a favorite from me.
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That funky pinball thing was my favorite thing about Sesame Street.

Somewhat related, here is Stevie Wonder in some Epic Sesame Action (ESA):
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Awesome. That was a good flashback.
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Good stuff.
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Parallax7d, thank you for that. My bookmark of that video died some time ago, and I haven't come across it again 'till now. That Superstition performance is amazing.
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parallax7d: That funky pinball thing was my favorite thing about Sesame Street.

I also was a fan of the pinball song. I'm a little dismayed, however, that there doesn't seem to be any actual correlation between the pictures and animations and the random numbers that they yell at you during the song. It just seems completely random, aside from the counting up to twelve. Unless, I suppose, they were trying to get us to recognize the written number in association to the name they yell out. But is a split second really enough for a youngster? Haha..oh well, it's still cool.
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Cool, but there's no Sesame Street without the Yip Yips...
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The other kids laughed at me when I pronounced it "/Seh-saym/ Street" I never fully recovered from that grade school gaffe.
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10 for the OCTOpuss, the one-man band.
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Yeah, I, uh, couldn't find anything else for
Look! Balls!
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I'm sorry, but it's just not complete without the work of Bud Luckey.

Here's the ones you probably remember best.
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Ninja Tune released a remix of the Pointer Sister's version a couple of years ago. There's a Larry Levan disco mix of it on there too.
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D'oh...I'm apparently either blind or posting way too late. Checked all the beginning and all the end links...and missed the ones in the middle.

Ah well. Check my Alligator King link, it's worth watching synched correctly. And don't miss That's About the Size in my last link.
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Aw, Darksami, you get a favorite for the Bud Luckey shout out anyway. It's great stuff.

And the synch on your Alligator King link is better. You also got a couple I missed, like "That's About The Size of It." which I remember quite fondly.

Plus, I was hoping people would dig up some of their own favorites.
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Thanks! I feel better.

Hint: search youtube for "number painter."
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Holy Christ, parallax7d, that first Stevie Wonder video is one of greatest things I've ever seen on YouTube. And the music, Jesus, I don't think I realized how visceral and furious 'Supernatural' was until I witnessed that...and on a goddamned children's program. There oughta be a law.
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Heh! I've just noticed that the version of "Alligator King" I linked to is a response to a Hebrew version of it. I don't understand a word of it, save what sounds like "crocodil" and "limon," but the way it's sung is absolutely charming.
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Cool, but there's no Sesame Street without the Yip Yips...

Thank You, Thank You, Thank You for that clip, rmm! I looooved those Yip Yip martians!
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One of the best parts of the Hebrew version is this comment:
" People of the world - I truly believe that Sesame Street in all languages will unite the world one day.
We all know these songs since childhood - each in their own language.
The internet closes this circle when we now have access to all those songs in any language and by that making us relate to our fellow human beings.
and like the Crocodile king said "you brought me no pearls and no jewlery but you've made my heart happy"

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I'm going to paint a 4.
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The song for "12" was done by The Pointer Sisters, by the way.

And directed by Ernie "Hardware Wars" Fosselius.
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Finally, a reason to post a link to the single greatest picture of me ever taken: on the set of Sesame Street, with Snuffy, who was wearing legwarmers because he just finished doing aerobics with Carley Simon. The little girl is my stepsister.
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I'm so jealous. That picture RULES.
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Here's a great mashup of the Muppet "muh-nuh-muh-nuh" song mixed with The Doors "Break on through"

(MP3 link next to podcast logo at bottom of paragraph)
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Oops, clickable link here.
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Wow, crazy revelation: I responded really strongly emotionally to the Pixar short "Boundin'" the first time I saw it and kind of couldn't figure out why it seemed to have a direct line into some primitive part of my brain. I guess Bud Luckey's voice ties 'em together. That just about nails it down.

I watched Sesame Street regularly from probably my first year of life until I was around 12, which was when my youngest sister stopped watching it. That'd be around '86 to '97. So I got to watch the show transform from the groovy product I grew up with into the Elmo-shilling beast it was ten years ago (don't know what it's like now but I wouldn't put money on it having gotten any less commercial). These clips really take me back. Thanks.
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"Pinball Number Count" as the song is titled, was actually from the show "The Electric Company"
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The Yip Yips still scare the crap out of me :( But man do I love me some old school Sesame Street. I wish I was around during Mr. Hooper's time though. Just thinking about Big Bird being sad about Mr. Hooper gets me emotional.
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horsemuth, you sure about that? I don't remember it that way. would have sworn an oath it was on Sesame Street.
then again, my favorite part of the Electric Company was the Spiderman and the pratfall that Morgan Freeman takes at the very tail end of the credits. (I used to practice on a mattress, but couldn't keep my arms pinned to my side as he did it...)
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I didn't find the mashup of the mumumuh song with the Doors, but i did find Granny Teller at that link, and this fine mama deserves a front page post all her own... if it weren't for the tiny Mountain Dew sponsorship.

"Now before we get our freak on, we need to match up our beats."

Yip yip yip yipyipyip...

....oh. and of course Sesame Street is always the shit. Word.
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I set that 12 video to Forward Russia's 12 once [self link]. Sync'd pretty nicely im"h"o. Always been a favorite segment.
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"Pinball Number Count" as the song is titled, was actually from the show "The Electric Company"

I've never seen an episode of the electric company but I distinctly remember watching the pinball number cartoon as a kid. So either that's the only thing on the electric company I've ever seen or it's from sesame street.
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Wikipedia also thinks it was from sesame street, for what that's worth.
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"Pinball Number Count" was definitely on Sesame Street.

Also, there were many versions, each focusing on a different number between 1 and 12.

The version on YouTube is a mashup of all the different numbers -- it never actually aired in that form.

Here's another famous Sesame Street counting segment, featuring vocals by Grace Slick.
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I have to say I object somewhat to the characterization of post-1990 Sesame Street as an Elmo-slinging commercial enterprise. I think the reason Elmo has become so widespread is that preschoolers respond to the character. Sesame is still not-for-profit, and their main focus is still very strongly on preschool education and entertainment. And then they also still have many guest stars and jokes that are winks to the parents.

I also love the 1980s Street the best. The stuff that came much before that looks outdated and manic to me, and the stuff that came out much later is a bit squeaky clean for my tastes. But that's because I was in their target age in the 80s. I know many people my folks' age who were almost as sick of Big Bird as we are of Elmo. Big Bird was the Elmo of 70s and 80s.

Elmo's voice is annoying, there's no denying that. But I think Kevin Clash is a very talented and funny performer. And most of all there are countless kids all over the world, some of whom have very few other resources available to them, who are entertained and better prepared for school because of the Sesame Street that's on TV right now. That is really important. So even though it's not "cool" to like Elmo, I still think it's a pretty damn good show.
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Pinball Number Count was absolutely on Sesame Street. It's possible it was on Electric Company as well--I never watched that one.
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--Oops, I see that most of the links in the FPP were to Grace Slick "Jazzy Spies" segments.

Man, those Sesame animations were psychedelic.
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The Jim Henson Baker numbers shouldn't be forgotten: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10.
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Wow. All these years I was thinking that it was the Electric Company. Duly noted and apologies for the incorrect pedantic nitpick. Cool post anyway...
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Thank you rolopolyman. For over 35 years I have wanted "10__ Chocolate__Layer__Cakes!" on demand. The Jim Henson Baker numbers always started the same way and you could never be sure what number was featured until the second verse. I remember waiting each day with baited breath to see 8, 9, or the mostest awesomest 10. Usually my dreams were dashed with :2__ChocolateCream_Pies!" Physical comedy still rules!
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lampoll, though I agree that Sesame Street with Elmo is better than no Sesame Street, I don't think that it even comes close to it's past glory years. There are still in-jokes and some under the radar stuff that parents might get, but the old show was funkier, weirder and perhaps more creative. But who knows? Let's check MeFi in 20 years and see if adults (who are kids now) are nostalgic for these days of Sesame Street. It's probably a case of "so and so was so much better before they became popular" but aren't some things actually better when a small group of people is doing it than when an entire enterprise is built around it?

ps I didn't really like BB either. I was more of an Oscar the Grouch kind of guy, if you couldn't tell.
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Sure, I can concede that there may be too many cooks in the kitchen these days at Sesame Street, when judging it solely on a creative level. But I don't think that's why Elmo's everywhere, and it's not commercial. Actually, if anything, they have the opposite problem--a more stringent focus on the educational side may be contributing to its becoming less edgy.

To me, the early 70s Sesame Street (when, presumably, the team was at its smallest) makes no sense, especially as a show for preschoolers. And the more recent show is funny, but feels like it's lost a bit of its edge. And it seems that people talk about how the show was best when they were kids, and it seems that kids today still watch and enjoy the show, and that parents of preschoolers show it to their kids. And the show today still makes me laugh (out loud!) sometimes, which isn't bad considering I am neither preschooler nor parent. If someone doesn't like it when they're 12 (whatever year that might be), well...that's not necessarily a bad sign.

So the conclusion I can draw is that Sesame Street at any given time was making something close to the right show for its audience at that time. It's approaching its 40th anniversary, so that's pretty good.

And as for Elmo...I don't think it's a case of Sesame with Elmo or no Sesame. Elmo was a direct product of the Sesame Street we knew and loved growing up. He was actually part of the cast when I was a kid--just a very small one. (You can see him in 1985's Follow That Bird). Clash created that character under the tutelage of Jim Henson and all the other great muppeteers of that time. I think preschoolers took to him because (like Big Bird) he's silly, cute, innocent, and unisex (in appearance if not character). Don't get me wrong--I love seeing other characters featured, and wish there were more equity in that sense. But so many kids have gained so much from that one little red monster, I just can't get down on him too much.
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Sesame Street was the first programme that I ever remember watching as a kid thanks to my mom. And after watching the Danger clip I can understand how subtle the messages were in those shorts and how much of an effect they had on me as a child. Even to this day.

(Sesame Street in India, Israel and Palestine.)
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The other kids laughed at me when I pronounced it "/Seh-saym/ Street"

That particular pronunciation was an ongoing joke in the Sesame Street movie "Follow that Bird." Which is, actually, quite sweet. (And Elmo free, thank goodness.)

That said, Number Painter was Paul Benedict?! And the woman whose stuff he painted was Stockard Channing?!?! Why didn't I remember this?

Ah, youthful memories recaptured via YouTube. What would we do without it?
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