Don't count your boobies until they are hatched.
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The Unicorn In The Garden by James Thurber, a Columbia Pictures short from 1953. [YouTube, approx. 7 mins.] Original text here. Read all about the life and times of James Thurber at the Thurber House. More information here and here.
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The YouTube link was found via Jewaira's Boudoir.
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Note: After exploring Jewaira's Boudoir further, I should mention that some things there might be NSFW, but the Thurber cartoon and the related links in the FPP are perfectly safe. lol :)
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You've been in my house, haven't you? In my house and at my BOOKSHELF. And even in my wardrobe. I have a Thurber T-shirt. OOH why I... OOOHH!!
posted by louche mustachio at 3:15 AM on June 16, 2007 what hatches out of boobies, anyway?
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I need to remember something to forget it. Cool.
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louche mustachio's link includes a use of the word jejune too.

James Thurber, we salute you.
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Apologies, it's doctor_negative's link. You knew what I meant, perhaps.
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I did a little more research on the cartoon... It's from United Productions of America (UPA, under contract to Columbia Pictures), an animation studio which was founded after the Disney writers' strike of 1941. The UPA has a really interesting history (and a great body of work).
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I love this! For some reason they used to show this to us when it rained and we couldn't go outside to recess. Late 1970's, Urbana Illinois.

They also used to show Winter of the Witch, which is just as bizzare.
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My high school performed this, along with other Thurber craziness.
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I live right down the street from the Thurber House, and own most of his works - I think we should have a Thurber meetup!
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I found this depressing!
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Nobody did misanthropy, and misogyny, like Thurber. Great post, I didn't know there was such a film!
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Oooh. This is my favourite Thurber story. I also had no idea this short existed, yay, thanks.
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Nice find, and thanks! The story is from Thurber's Fables For Our Time (an earlier, hipper, cleverer, better version of the kind of thing Politically Correct Fairy Tales wanted to be). Now we just gotta look for cartoons of The Little Girl and the Wolf and The Very Proper Gander....
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Ah -- brings to mind Thurber's wall drawings.
"James Thurber originals -- pencil on aging plaster. Rarely seen. Transported from the old New Yorker building on 43rd Street to the Conde Nast building."
Growing up in the next town over, I recall hearing that folks found other wall drawings/murals that had been wall-papered over in his West Cornwall, Connecticut home.
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What about the unicorn in Blade Runner?
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This reminds of my favorite unicorn short.

That fucking cunt got what she deserved. Great story.
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