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Fingerjig is a six minute typing game that pulls random words from a large dictionary (and during one section, random letters). I like it because it plays cool percussion hits when you make a mistake, and because sections of it test your left hand and right hand separately. (via)
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Cool game. Makes typing *almost* fun.
posted by misha at 11:19 AM on June 17, 2007

Good find, thanks.

misha sums it up pretty well; I bet playing this for ten minutes a day will improve my typing a lot.
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396,955 best I can do.
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Too bad it doesn't include numbers, capitalization and punctuation marks. I like the right hand vs. left hand part though.
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~2,000,000. It would be nice to preview the next word so you didn't have to pause between words. I have a special place in my heart for typing games -- Type! was the first video game I ever played.
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that was more fun that typing deserves to be. I'm going to report typing for "putting on airs."
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1,160,502 (rank 39) on first try.

fun test, and intelligently designed. Do errors reduce your score?
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2,219,931 - says I'm number 5 on the high score list. I'll come back in about an hour and try again; I was just kind of nodding off and feel like I could do much better if I were more alert.
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579,381 on first try. I didn't appreciate how the letters blocked the view of the word, or the fact that the word was shaking up and down. Still fun though.
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k just tested - seems that it does reduce score
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2,354,747 (rank 5)
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Man, my eyes hurt from that now.
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684,000. Damn, those are some impressive scores above!
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This is awesome. I didn't do that well but I will definitely use this as a resource for practice.
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712,161. The biggest problem I ran into was starting off; I don't know if I wasn't hitting the first key hard enough, or if I was too early, but lots of times I'd miss the first letter but get halfway through the word before I realized it. (The letters from the previous word flying right in front of the current word didn't help.)
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Intersting to see how my typing performance drops in that sort of environment. I type at around 80 WPM in real life, but scored around 45 or so on the game. Part of that is the error penalty, I do make quite a few typos (that autocorrect function in most word processors is fantastic).

My speed is massively better for words I know how to spell, worse I notice that I type the word the way I *think* its spelled, and rack up a lot of typos before I can stop myself after the error noise happens.

Fun game.

Oh, and ~650,000.
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The single-handed words killed me: my fingers were so floaty from typing each letter that I lost the sense of where the home row was, and started flubbing some of them. The longer words using both hands were much, much easier.

Also, I was interested to find out that the letter "b" is supposed to be a left-hand letter: I always type it with my right hand.
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I got my score from ~500,000 to ~800,000 by looking at the word and then looking down at the keyboard while I typed. I don't have to look for the letter I need next, but looking at my hands told me if they were straying away from the position they should be at.
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556,097 - I'm going to try this later when I'm not using my laptop.
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1,283,600 ... I was somewhat upset at my first round because I didn't even make the posted average. Only then did I realize the scores were summed across all the rounds. d'oh.

D'oh ... just outside the top 50. time to retest .....
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I don't use the touch method, and this test made my shortcomings painfully obvious. I flubbed *a lot*
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Maybe one of these days I should actually learn how to type.
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I typed electroencephalograph a lot; twice in a row at one point. A cool million on one try, on a dvorak keyboard (thankfully it's mostly English text), so I didn't get the independent hand workout.
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Also, I was interested to find out that the letter "b" is supposed to be a left-hand letter: I always type it with my right hand.
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*tries it*

Yikes, that's just weird, nugnread.
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About 869,000. Fun, but I find that the fading of the finished word is sometimes a real hindrance to seeing what the next word is, and that I do better with the sound off. Also, I'm much better with my left hand than my right for some reason.
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It would be nice if it had some sort of stats like most frequently missed letter or combination. But fun. I'm averaging about 1.1 -1.2 mil.
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1,138,827 =)
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Also, I was interested to find out that the letter "b" is supposed to be a left-hand letter: I always type it with my right hand.
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Hey! Me too!
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I typed professionally for a couple years and only got 847,000. At peak speed I could do over 100wpm.

This isn't really a typing test; typing is about phrases and reading ahead. Between the letters obscuring the word (which looks cool, but is really stupid design), and the fact that only one word shows at a time, what's getting tested here isn't really typing speed. It's more... how fast you can spell tough words.

Reasonably fun, but speaking as someone who did this to eat, it's a lousy test. :)
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Let me append: this test involves a lot of thinking. Real typing involves none at all; it's perfectly possible to type something without reading it. It goes in your eyes and out your fingers far faster than you can think. You CAN read it if you wish, but it's entirely optional, and will slow you down a hair.
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Fun and diverting, but not much more than that.
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It took me about a minute to type this comment, btw.
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Malor is right about how little this resembles "real typing" or competitive typing the way it is usually implemented, the letters obscuring the word (this is especially annoying on the single-letter round) and so on. Also dead on about the importance of not thinking about things when typing.

I still have the high score (well, sort of) for the time being, though.
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I'm right-handed, but I did much better on the left-only test than the right-only. Typing with just my right hand was weirdly straining. Lefty was easy and I didn't make a single mistake. Huh!
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Solo right vs. left hand: because fingers 3-4-5 in the bottom row and 5 in the home row are unused for the right hand, and all the vowels are in the top row, you get a much higher fraction of awkward combinations with the same finger travelling between rows.
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3,768,194. Bring it.
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1,024,382 I win!
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Stupid flying letters. I feel dizzy.
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Thanks, wolfdog; that makes a lot of sense. I thought I'd have to come up with some crazy explanation based on left brain/right brain stuff or tiny goblins living in my fingers.
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How many of the millionaires have DVORAK key layouts, I'm wondering?
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Okay, this thing is uber cool. I make my living as a transcriptionist and while it really doesnt resemble regular typing at all, it's still a lot of fun, and great practice for accuracy.

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No typing test should include the word "gonadectomy." That cost me points just because of mental imagery.
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typing games are fun. I still return to Mavis Beacon every now and again. Does anyone know of typing games aimed at computer programmers? I suspect they'd have to be adjusted for different languages, but coding tends to be quite different than everyday typing - lots of punctuation.
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grubby: There's typespeed, which has stuff like 'C# keywords' and 'unix commands' as sets of words it tests you on, as well as English.

Unfortunately, I think it was written by 14 year olds because it's terribly written, and uses words like 'masturbation' in the English vocabulary.
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Hey, damn it, they deleted my high score! And it was there earlier this morning.
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1.1 million, or thereabouts. Lucked out - lots of medical terms (which come pretty fast to me). In the best tradition of natural dominance, though, my left hand encroached more and more on the traditional homelands of my right hand. I left those fingers the enter key, P, and some punctuation.
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