M.U.G.E.N: The 2D Fighting Game Engine
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M.U.G.E.N [wikipedia] is a 2D fighting game engine, originally developed by Elecbyte and released in 1999. The engine is highly customizable; characters, backgrounds, and sound files -- whether from existing games or original works -- can be easily integrated. Some examples of the engine in action [youtube]: Homer Simpson vs. Peter Griffin, Ryu vs Popeye, Green Power Ranger vs Osama Bin Laden, Fat Albert vs Juggernaut, Marvin the Martian vs. Duck Dodgers. Also, game crossovers: Homer in NES Land, Thunder Force III vs. Duck Hunt. [mi] WARNING: some of the videos are very loud.
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Installation tutorial for the Windows version. Fan sites include Mugen Guild, Mugen Infantry, and Mugen History. Previously spotted on MeFi in 2001.
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That wikipedia page is a bit... eh... I'm not sure what to say, really. Time to log out, I think.
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Wow, I wish I knew enough to make my own characters with special combos and stuff. It'd be funny to make the presidential candidates for the '08 election and have my friends over for a no-holds barred tournament.
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Unfortunately, in the Thunder Force III vs. Duck Hunt thingy, you still can't shoot the dog.
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My favorite of these is M. Bison in Mario World.
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We should do a Metafilter edition. I'm sure a pixelated version of Mathowie would kick ass.
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Something like Maothowie vs. Spiderman?
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I checked this out a while ago. Turns out it's cool, but the actual fighting engine is limited. Like Beats of Rage, you can customize the graphics and sounds, but you can't add many special moves or unique gameplay elements - IIRC.
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the fat albert match is surprisingly engaging.
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Don't forget Psylocke VS Omega Tom Hanks.
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