Won't get not-fooled again
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Garbage + illumination = art? Various artists carefully pile rubbish on a gallery floor, or meticulously assemble a collection of ordinary items, plug in a light source, and create incredibly detailed and surprising shadows on the wall. Meanwhile, blog commenters cry "Fake!" and "Photoshop!". I guess they didn't see any of the Quicktime movies of Shigeo Fukuda linked here.
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way cool
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You should also look at the work of mac adams, who has certainly been doing sculptural anamorphic shadows longer than tim noble and sue webster. He started sometime in the 70s although I don't know exactly when.
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"anamorphic shadow sculptures" is a better term, sorry.
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I've seen these with my very own eyes! (They were at PS-1 a couple of summers ago...)

And marvelous they are. It's pretty astonishing to watch, you don't really believe it until you put your hand in front of the light to check....
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Very cool.

Yeah, is there some generic derogatory term for people who yell "Fake!" or "Photoshop!" at even the slightest display of human effort and ingenuity? Those bastards are all over the internet, and seem to be multiplying as creativity and attentions spans plummet.
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No, really. This is very cool. Thanks for the nudge; I've never seen these pieces before.
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These are incredible. Good post!
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I will now proceed to work "anamorphic shadow sculptures" into any conversations I have with smarmy, pretentious artsy-fartsy posers, just for the satisfaction of seeing their eyes glaze over.
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Astonishing. So nice to see something truly unexpected.
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wanders off to garage in search of a strong spotlight.
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Amazing! Now maybe there's hope that my son will do something creative will all the soda cans, paper plates and other assorted detritus he's got stuffed under his bed.
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Awesome post. Thanks.
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This deserves more than 13 comments. I am doing my part.
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