Tons of Concert Posters
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Mefite Fans of rock concert posters are probably familiar with, but here's an interesting list of over 20 other individual designers concert posters sites with tons of designy goodness.
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Not listed in that link: My old friend Thomas Scott at Eye Noise has an amazing assortment of his rock gig posters HERE. Looking through these is like flipping through a scrapbook of my college years in Orlando (especially the early ones).
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Thanks jonson. Whenever I get around to building my Rock'n'Roll rumpus room I know what I will be decorating the walls with.

assuming the Mrs allows me, grumble grumble
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I frequent Bittbox, and I haven't seen this one. A big thank you!

some more goodies:
American Poster Institute
Burlesque Design
Spike Press

Let this become the poster motherload!
Once the Mrs. and I purchase a house, our office will be lined with framed concert posters (mostly mine from the live venue at which I work.) These links will help.
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Brian Mercer, for all your sludgey stoner doom gig poster needs.
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Which link is yours, jonson? I'd like to see your artwork.

also, I see it's a fresh Bittbox link...guess I should be more on top of the RSS.
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Here's one I love... The Small Stakes. Lots of great posters for Bay Area (and elsewhere) concerts.
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Which link is yours, jonson?

Seattle Show Posters. It's not his - it's ImJustRick's, who posted the first comment.

I logged in just to fav this post. Awesome collection. Thanks.
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blastrid, none of these are mine - I wish I had any kind of talent at all - the "self-link included" comment was made by ImJustRick, in reference to Seattle Show Posters, a site he runs and which he linked to in his first comment above.
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But also: bless you iconomy for logging in to favorite my post!
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I see now... whoopsh.

Great stuff, Rick
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Thank you.

I included myself among some giants.

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There's a lot more variety in styles than I was expecting. For a while it seemed like every time I looked at modern rock poster sites the art was either a third rate Kozik or, even worse, a bad attempt at replicating Coop's style.

I cant wait to spend more time going through these sites, but already these Beulah and Spoon posters impressed me.
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self promotion:

Design Medicine
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Worst. Poster. Ever.
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Surprised that the poster collection at Wolfgang's Vault hasn't been mentioned. Unfathomably deep and lots of rarities.
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Holy crap!
My Elefant poster is on that "here's an interesting list" page.

Maybe I dont suck so bad.
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Bob Masse has been doing rock posters since the 1960s. I didn't notice him on the linked article or in the already-posted comments.
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Picked up this one at Coachella by Emek, the pictures don't really do it justice, it looks amazing with the metallic inks and highlights.
Wish I was half as talented as these guys, there's some amazing work. I saw a great display of posters here at the Experience Music Project in Seattle, I think it was a temporary exhibit though.
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Check this concert poster site. A lot of great concert posters for Portland.
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Portland Poster Pole Also gives away free concert posters to those in the Portland Area
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