Why do you like Lou Dobbs so much?
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Significant Others by Zach Galifianakis (Includes NSFW fashion, non sequitur fashion shoot. [more inside])
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^ Zach’s myspace page and official site have video clips.
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This is some sort of editorial from the Matrix, not the movie but the Matrix as a metaphor. It might be humor, but it's an outmoded conventional patriarchal kind of humor. (not that you need it, but) i do not endorse.
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I used to know what "it" was, but now &c &c.
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Pelican, you ignorant slut! If we're going to talk about out-moded patriarchal humor, let's at least start somewhere in the ball park.

Zach is actually really funny, his stand up spot on Comedy Central is great, if you haven't seen it, it's worth looking for.
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I love Zach. You know he was named after his Grandad?
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Uh... can somebody explain to me why this is funny? (Is it supposed to be?) Is it just poking fun at fashion?
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The Comedians of Comedy didn't really deliver the funny like I hoped it would, but I loved his long forgotten VH1 series. Zach pretty much rules.
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a candy necklace!

these are great : >
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I love Zach. You know he was named after his Grandad?

Almost all Greek men are named after their grandad.
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But his name is Zach Grandad Galifianakis.
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bayliss's joke is funnier than that whole article.
posted by mmoncur at 4:13 AM on June 24, 2007

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