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Flashback to some '80s punk scene shit.In true punk demeanor this is just an excuse to post some (mike watt) U-Tube.
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Real punk was over with the 1970's. Everything after 1980 was just hangers on. ;)
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jeez, mefi really is dead, that didn't even generate a rise, yet the FarkFest dullard contest lives on.
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Oh, man. Saccharine Trust had a song on an SST compilation that I listened to over and over again in my younger, angrier days. I went to see them on tour a year or two ago at a little bar show and there were literally seven people in the room. It was kind of a sad moment. Thanks for the links, though, it's nice to see them in a more energetic context, and those Wire covers are amazing.
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fIREHOSE are really good, and The Minutemen's 'Double Nickels on the Dime' got me through big chunks of the 80's. Thanks for the reminders, snsranch. rock out!
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I let Mike Watt play my Rickenbacker when his Tele Fender Bass quit working at a fIREHOSE show. Got to hang out with him and the band. Very cool dudes.
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Mike Watt is the way things ought to be. Thanks for this.
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It was awesome to see Watt on the front of Bass Player magazine the other month. Finally people are waking up to the fact that he is, as milquetoast puts it, the way things ought to be.
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I saw Jack Brewer do a spoken word poetry thing that included his dog singing along in '89 or '90. Was one of the most bizarre things I have ever seen.
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Watt = God

That he isn't appearing in publicity photos for The Stooges new record/tour is bewildering. Iggy needs all the punk cred he can get...
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Thanks for this! Saccharine Trust fucking rule. (And Watt too, of course -- I'm watching him rock out with The Stooges at Glastonbury right now).

Here's my ST story: I e-mailed Jack Brewer out of the blue last year on the off-chance that he might spare me a copy of their long out-of-print album Surviving You, Always. And you know what? He sent me one! I still don't quite know what to say about that.
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Yea, Mike Watt is still a huge influence for me. It was either him or a mutual friend that told me, regarding bass playing, "Just play like you have a big dick." That was great advice.
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"Play like you have a big dick" is one of those notions that applies a lot more broadly than just bass playing in a punk band, I should think.
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