"I could call them Labori, but that strikes me as a bit bookish."
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The play R.U.R. (or Rossum's Universal Robots) and the novel The War with the Newts, both by the redoubtable Karel Čapek.
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CAPEK and RUR: staples of crossword puzzles everywhere. These should be fun to read. Thanks.
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knowing about it for ages but never having the chance to read r.u.r, I have to say this is just lovely.

what surprises me is the style quite reminds me of saki or wilde, where I was expecting stanislaus lem. superb.
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I have never been able to read R.U.R. either.

Surreal, but wonderful.
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Both are great reads. I'm glad to see them online.
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these are two of my all time favourite stories. thanks for spreading to good word.
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Yes, thanks! I am an admirer of Čapek.

(And yes, dorian, reminds me of Saki, as well.)
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I was in a production of "R.U.R." in college. I played the Cassandra-ish old-man scientist, even though I looked about 12 at the time. (Hair sprayed silver -- very convincing.) I had the embarassing task of delivering the last line of the play, spoken as a pair of male and female robots seem to have discovered the emotion that we humans call love: "Go, Adam, go Eve -- the world is yours." My friends sat in the audience and jeered at me. That said, there's something appealing -- if overwrought -- about the play.
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The War with the Newts
I can't read that without thinking "Fink-Nottle."
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