1000 Science Lecture Videos
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SciTalks - from the press release [19 June]: "The site launches today with over 1,000 lectures online, and more are being added daily. Segments range from a series of hour-long lectures by the late Richard Feynman, to a short, hilarious Ali G interview with Noam Chomsky, and a fascinating talk on designing a semiconductor-based brain, by up-and-coming Stanford researcher Kwabena Boahen." [via]
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This is wonderful! THanks!
posted by honest knave at 3:18 AM on June 25, 2007

It should be noted that this site is an aggregator rather than a host or a publisher. It's basically a linkbase of science videos. But it's still cool.
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Great stuff, and worth it just for the interpretive dance re-enactment of protein syntheses in the sidebar.
posted by AndrewStephens at 3:48 AM on June 25, 2007

Thanks, I always love science posts.
posted by substrate at 6:29 AM on June 25, 2007

Thanks. Humtalks looks interesting too.
posted by Alec at 7:48 AM on June 25, 2007

Thanks peacay. This is an infinitely interesting post. And I've only gone through the first couple of pages!

I want to bring your attention to two articles (actually from people I know personally): Tapio Sneider's Climate Change talk and Emily Hager's Tidal turbines.

Hey, humtalk is cool too, but I wish they gave more information about the speakers background.
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Hey, look at that -- a lecture by dolphin-communication researcher Dr. Kathleen Dudzinski, who was in an Acadamy-award-nominated movie about dolphins a few years back.

Dolphins are really fascinating, and it's fun to listen to her talk about them.
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