Goodbye Tony Blair
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I'm rubbish at political comedy, so I'll leave it up to Tim Ireland to properly say Goodbye, Tony Blair. (via)
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jibjab is calling their lawyers as we speak.
posted by Dave Faris at 3:52 PM on June 25, 2007

This is an insult to Bugsy Malone and Little Enis Burnett in particular. Go figure.
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What's proper about this?
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Whatever happened to Paul Williams, anyway?
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It's loading slowly for me, but somehow, I don't think it's going to beat Russell T. Davies' sly roast on last night's episode of 'Doctor Who'. Season 3 - Episode 12, 'The Sound of Drums' wherein the Doctor's arch-nemesis gets himself elected PM and promptly opens up a dimensional gateway that allows his minions to invade Earth with the intention of killing 10% of the current population.

The Master was portrayed by John Simm of 'Life On Mars' fame, and suprisingly he was easily able to put on the spit-and-polish that Mr. Blair seemed to do so well. At least with Harold Saxon the Brits didn't have to wait 2-3 years to be betrayed - it was barely the next day before The Master allowed the planet to be invaded.
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Jibjab dreams about a world in which it thought of anything for itself, Dave Faris. Instead it seems happy enough slapping ads on tenth-rate B3ta ripoffs with funny-ectomies.

Also, quite the grammatical car crash you've got there.
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He seems to be doing ok. Still super short & stuff.
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But, miss l, he doesn't have that near-albino look., nor the hair that he had once upon a time. But at least he a very decent Van-Dyke.

I celebrate the man's entire catalog(ue).
posted by Sk4n at 6:00 PM on June 25, 2007

(Ahem.... that stray "." was for the near-albino look).

As for the later typo, there is no excuse. Insert "has" between "he" and "a" in crappily-constructed sentence number two.
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Whatever happened to Paul Williams, anyway?

He got even dorkier than he used to be!

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Sorry, here's the link:
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I have NO IDEA why the link isn't working. Sorry. (Bows head deeply in embarrassment.)

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Well, who's dorky now? Fear not, watersprite. Your link is the same one Miss Lynnster posted earlier.
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I know where he is.

He's a sinner, candy coated
For all his friends he always seems to be alone
But they love him....
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Mostly meh, although the Scooby Doo homage almost made me chuckle.
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How weird. I was at school with Tim, a long time ago in a country far far away from where he is now.

I think he puts himself down too much. That was pretty damn good.
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Magnificent. (you bloody nay-sayers!)

I'm not keen on TB's last act as PM being presiding over half of the UK actually being flushed down the toilet, but I suppose it's fairly appropriate.
Now Gordon Brown has to clean up the mess, or at least convince us all that he's a very different beast and either
a) the mess never really existed, pshaw!
b) the mess-makers have now been ushered through the door and everything will now be rosy.
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