Virtuoso Vertiginousness
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Vertigo got you spinning? The answers to your problems and more are available at the Hitchcock DVD Wiki.
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I'm sensing a theme on the blue...
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Vertigo got you spinning?

No, but it's gotten to Peter B. Kaplan and likely others.

So who's gonna post the fourth 'vertigo' thread by midnight?
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I'm sure there's all kinds of fun stuff that could be posted in reference to DC Comics' Vertigo imprint, which is currently celebrating so...and a half...anniversary. I mean, that's momentous, right? Totally worth posting about, right? Right?? If I weren't so lazy....

(PS: The Vertigo wiki!! It was kind of a given I wasn't gonna do any more work than I absolutely had to tomorrow anyway, but NOW...)
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Thanks for this - Vertigo has been my favourite film for a few years now. And that 1000 frames part is neat.
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