Electrostatic Machines
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This fellow reads up on electricity generating machines in old books and then builds them.
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Wow! On preliminary perusal, I'd just say that this guy is amazing! This is really, really interesting. Great find, great post. There's so much here! The machines are beautiful. Want to own several.
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There goes the summer.
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This is why I love MetaFilter!!!!!!!!!!
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Brazil, not Portugal.
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Thanks peacay, fixed.
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"I do not understand electricity and I do not wish to have it explained to me." -- James Thurber
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wow, How neat. Science hobbyists rock.

About the builder, Dr. Antonio Carlos Moreirão de Queiroz is Associate Professor at COPPE, Electrical Engineering Program, and at the Electronic and Computer Engineering Department of the Polytechnic School, Federal University of Rio de Janeiro (UFRJ).

His Links page and a few intriguing tangents, such as The Turn Of The Century Electrotherapy Museum, Lateral Science and Instruments for Natural Philosophy.
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And on the subject of Electrotherapy...

Dr. Sanden's Electric Belt !
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This fellow will soon be found dead with small circular burn marks on his fingers and the bottoms of his feet.
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There was a great Midsomer Murders episode with one of these, whose name I can't find online: The Electric Vendetta. It doesn't actually play a part in the story but it's a big clue.
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[this is good]
Thanks, tellurian.
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Electricity can be fun. In college one of my physics professors, an eccentric old Frenchman, loved to put on demonstrations during lecture. Perhaps his most impressive was charging a capacitor the size of a car battery with a Van de Graaff generator, turning out the lights and then discharging it with a pitchfork having something like a 15 to 20 foot long handle - BANG! It was like an M-80 going off in the lecture hall.
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