Anything's a step up after God of Love, AMIRITE?
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Fanboifilter: Bad Brains have a new album out balled Build a Nation. Some people like it, some people kind of like it. The Onion link has one song up, their myspace page has four more, along with a pic of smiling album producer Adam Yauch of the Beastie Boys (interview).
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Pepsi Brains.
posted by monju_bosatsu at 6:19 PM on June 27, 2007

Quickness is an awesomely noisy, hard rockin' album and a good starting point for the uninitiated.
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I love my memories of seeing Bad Brains in the '80's, but I'm not real psyched about this album (or the other recent stuff either). They're one of those bands that I wish had called it quits while they were ahead.
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I'd Love This Product Even If I Weren't A Stealth Marketer.
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Monju_Bosatsu, I'm sorry my horrible FPP took time away from you being a shitty lawyer. My apologies.
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This is good; I'd been wondering what the album would be balled.
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It's a far cry from The Bad Brains of yore. It seems they have turned Christian.
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Bad Brains have a new album out balled Build a Nation.

Mr. Bardic, Mr. Freud.
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Yeesh. That is pretty bad.

My apologies to music. Manservant has Wednesdays off.
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So when any band has a new album some fan boy should give them free advertising by posting it here on MetaFilter? Oh, and your favorite DC punk band sucks, they all suck, the whole scene sucked balls. :-r
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"On like popcorn"
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Well I'm excited. Thanks Bardic, I just bought it.

The rest of y'all can gobble my schvanze, easy on my balls though, they're fragile as eggs.
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I'd say one of the most important American bands doing something new, even if it doesn't rival their best work, is post-worthy caddis. I mean, it was either that or, as an atheist, how much I love aborting babies and shitting on pictures of Jesus.

But yet again, curse Matt Haughey and his inability to come up with a forum in which people could voice their displeasure with a given FPP, as opposed to thread-crapping.
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I too feel that music is only a commodity to be marketed and sold, and therefore worthy of my bitter contempt and scorn. /sarcasm
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Oh, and don't even get me started about Fugazi.....
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The band is still fucking sick as hell, but the effects on HR's voice make me think he can't really keep up anymore. Mostly it makes me want to listen to my other bad brains albums, which is never a bad thing.
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Props to Bardic for not taking the bait.
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Twenty-five years ago Bad Brains were the fiercest band on the planet. Sadly, that was 25 years ago. That said, I bought the new record and it isn't as bad as I had feared. Not, "hey Bad Brains are back!" nor, "hey, these guys suck now!"

HR does sound...weak, or something. Less there than usual. Maybe it's the production.

And the song "Build A Nation" makes me wanna jump up and down and spill my beer on people, so that's a good thing. Plus, it's easy to sing. There are only three words in it.
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I haven't bought the album, and probably won't honestly. But the idea of this being, say, a five-track EP instead of a full length kind of appeals to me.

I dunno. It's not their best, but it's still gritty and insane but really under control at the same time, like their best stuff.
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It's a far cry from The Bad Brains of yore. It seems they have turned Christian.

Don't fret - I'm sure they're boiling over with homophobia, as always.
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Yeah was going to make a comment about the homophobia, which kinda turned me off them.

That said, it's good to see a Beastie Boy doing something with hardcore again. I always thought it was what they did best.

Egg raid on mojo!
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why is anyone interested still in this band? i saw them in 86' and they were already over.
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I never got into any of their albums, but the version of "Pay to Cum" on the Alternative Tentacles Let Them Eat Jellybeans compilation is a great little tune. It's a completely different recording than the youtube video posted above, which is a bit limp in comparison. Us kidlets all loved the Jellybeans version back in the day.
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Coincidentally I've been waxing nostalgic over Bad Brains the last few days after seeing American Hardcore this past weekend. I didn't even know a new album was on it's way (or released).
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HR has mellowed out and that's a good thing. You don't want to see a man in his late 40's doing backflips of the stage.
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..backflips off the stage.
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I have new found respect for Bardic who ignored my poor taste ribbing, flat jokes and frankly obnoxious needling. I thought it would be funny at first, but it wasn't, and even if I don't understand and love the DC punk scene I don't hate it, Bad Brains or Fugazi. Sorry Bardic.
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