Mongolian Death Worm!
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Bigfoot? Meh. Real Pseudoscientists hunt the MONGOLIAN DEATH WORM! Watch out for its acid spit! And the electricity it shoots out of its eyeballs. Now, see Richard Freeman's tireless search for this mighty beast in "The Lair of the Red Worm". (Part 1)(Part 2) Flee for your lives!
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I don't understand why they're making stuff up when Mongolia's already got this thing.
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Redmond O'Hanlon's Congo Journey offers an interesting explanation for the entire cryptozoology phenomenon.

In the book, he is escorted by a government scientist in search of a dinosaur-sized creature that is supposed to reside in a lake deep in the bush, up the Congo River.

When they reach their destination, O'Hanlon finds that the lake is only two feet deep, and asks the government scientist why he thought such a massive creature could ever live in such a shallow body of water.

The scientist says, "It's not a real animal, it's an imaginary animal that lives here."

This is not a glib remark. Earlier on the journey O'Hanlon had met a Belgian ex-pat (ie, a Westerner) who claimed he turned into an elephant at night and wandered through the bush. When O'Hanlon laughed and asked he was joking, the Belgian grew quite angry.
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He who controls the spice, controls the universe!
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They just need to visit Kukumlima.
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spice must flow
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Mongolian Death Worm would be a great name for a cocktail. Unfortunately, it would have to be made out of Mongolian liquor, which is distilled from mare's milk. And I suspect, like mezcal, it would have to have an actual worm in it, and who is going to catch them? How many must die for one cocktail?
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I have ridden the mighty death worm!
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*closed down link to YouTube video thirteenkiller posted before it even launched the pop-up window*


Y'know, I'm not all hugs and kittens, but I swear to God I've seen more weird creatures on Metafilter than in real life.


Metafilter: more weird creatures...

Hehe... y'know, that's what he called it last night, too - his Mongolian Death Worm...hehe < / blushes and runs away>
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In the rural Amazon I heard a multitude of stories about woman turning to turkeys, dolphins turning to men, babies born half monkey...

I thought they were interesting and prompting all the locals to tell me more. Meanwhile, everyone there was like "dude, this is just made up shit the old people tell, you know that, right?"
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Wow. Ceti Alpha 6 just got a whole lot closer to home. Thanks, thirteenkiller. I'm going to spend the rest of tonight in fear.
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