The Brain That Wouldn't Die movie review
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The Brain That Wouldn't Die is the best public domain movie I've seen all week. Abe Baker's spooky original jazz score is a staple in sci-fi B movies. The monster is played by Eddie Carmel, subject of Diane Arbus' A Jewish giant at home with his parents in the Bronx, N.Y. 1970, in his first screen appearance. And I can't overlook the feminist take on this postwar gorefest. See for yourself.
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And it made an appearance in Episode 342 of the American edition of "Whose Line is it Anyway?"
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One of the people who worked on the movie was a guy named Byron Baer, who until his retirement in 2005 was the longest-serving member of the New Jersey State Senate. When I worked for my Assemblywoman in 2003, he was secretly called "the senator that wouldn't die" during legislative sessions in Trenton. And that was from fellow Democrats.
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Wow. And looking him up again, I just saw he actually died four days ago.
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"Very well, the corpse is yours. Do what you want to do."

I'm going to enjoy this.
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Mike: So, then, the director's whole point, if I'm not mistaken, is, in this often cold and lonely world, don't reach out for love and human understanding, or you'll only become part of a grisly lab experiment.
Crow: Well, I think you're selling it short, Mike. There's also the strong anti-women message.
Tom: But, mostly it is a celebration of betrayal.
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Gorefest? I remember little to no gore. I guess MST3k did a lot more editing than they let on.
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When I was a kid this was the Scariest Movie Ever as far as I was concerned. If I found out that it was even going to be on TV (it was in heavy late night low-power UHF station rotation back in the day) my bedroom light stayed on all night until the broadcast date was safely past. A couple of years ago my older sister, who used to tease me mercilessly during these periods of terror, gave me the DVD; my teenage children watched it and had a ROFL-fest, but I got creeped out still.
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I can't find the MST version online, but if you get a chance and you haven't already, do yourself a favor and watch it. It's Mike Nelson's first movie, and one of his very best.

"He's at the 30, the 20...he's going to go all the way!"
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Also at the archive.
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Holy shit, yes. Jan in the pan!
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"You've been wonderful." "I'd rather be a bride." You know this is a quality movie.
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I watched this movie for the first time about half a year ago, and it's certainly funny how a movie that is apparently deconstructing the nature of exploitation ends up being so obviously exploitative. Oh sure, you can use the tools at hand to satire those tools, but this movie takes a little too much delight in using the tools.

I imagine the scenario as something out of Ed Wood: the director has a keen and insightful script that they just have to put up on the screen for the whole world to acknowledge, and the producer just wants a boob flick.
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ive always been a big fan of this movie. its a late night favorite of our household. heh.
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"See this brain? It won't die!"
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"Doesn't she need lungs?"

"No, she's got neck juice!"
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"Ah looooove this place!"
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"Lucy, I'm home OH LUCY OHMYGOD!"
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"Did I mention there were ways?"
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"Thanks, but I'm too cool for emergencies."
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"Who's to tell me to blow if I don't want to?"
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"You're going out with me, varmint!"
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"Stop sign? What stop sign? Curve? What curve?"

"The road is attacking me!"
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"Mmmm, Honey roasted!"
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