This time a welcome on Clontarf's plains.
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Longboat! The Sea Stallion, a reconstruction of a ship scuttled off Roskilde will sail from Denmark to Dublin, where tests on timbers from the wreck show the original was built in the mid-eleventh century. (Pillaged from a centre of Irish learning)
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Sail tomorrow that should have said. Arrrse.
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The Viking community in Europe is popular. It's like the Civil War re-enactor community in the US but bigger. It crosses a lot of sub-group boundaries and people go for different reasons, involved at different levels. It's like SCA but the real deal, and they often have a lot of "cultural heritage" money behind them to build ships, stage events and festivals, etc..
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I like how the woman interviewed in the video at the "sail" link says participating in the reconstruction has given her "a new-found respect for those people and everything they did." I suspect she doesn't really mean everything.
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Could somebody please explain the whole longboat inside joke to me?

And please don't use my comment as an opportunity to further propagate the meme without explaining it.
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I approve of this post.
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I approve gnfti's approval.
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Ireland, suspecting a Danish Trojan Horse, scrambles into remaining round towers, pulls up ladders.
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And before someone starts that shit again, these boats are for literal vikings only.
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Do you mean actual vikings that vike, or people who excel at something but who take other people's statements at face value?
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Obligatory reference to Led Zeppelin's Immigrant Song.
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Thank you, Catfry.
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Interesting post, Abiezer. I particularly enjoyed this BBC link, but, honestly, I enjoyed it in spite of the the things that the reconstructors omitted from their re-creation.

For instance, while doing research for a thesis a few years back, I found that, during the construction of the ship, due to a seasonal harvest quirk, the original constructors of the Sea Stallion subsisted almost entirely on cranberries. Moreover, conditions in Dublin at the time were such that the use of decidedly agreeable donkeys to transport supplies and building materials was essential and unavoidable, and lavatory availability was so abysmal that the townspeople originated the now-famous phrase, "An bhfuil aon mhaith ann!", which means, roughly, that the exclaimer is wondering aloud why he or she is even in possession of an anus, or also, perhaps, whether or not he or she has an anus at all. gnfti can attest to the veracity of these claims, I think.

Furthermore, gasoline for July, which expired after the session closed, rose 2.75 cents to settle at $2.2942 a gallon on the Nymex. Expiring futures often rise as traders who have sold the contract short are forced to cover their positions.
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Nice to see you back in form, gram. You will confuse methylviolet and afroblanco even more.
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MetaFilter: An bhfuil aon mhaith ann!
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yellow dickey
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"An bhfuil aon mhaith ann!"

Well actually, Irish is a VSO language, so it would render something like this:

[An | bhfuil | aon | mhaith | ann]


Or in plain Irish English - and prepare your best Oirish accents for this and say it quickly, and out loud:

"Whale oil beef hooked".

Welcome back, gramschmidt. Hi Cran!
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Sorry - you ordered double beef, right?
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OK Longboat crew, where is raedyn?
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