Slate takes note
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Slate takes note of last weeks "open source news" scoop in the thread about the Seattle quake. I'll officially begin taking buyout offers now.
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"And judging by how many MetaFilter posts link to 'real' news stories from elsewhere, I'd say even the site's many contributors haven't exactly given up on straight journalism either." Heh, I'm glad he put 'real' in quotes, although he probably should have put 'journalism' in quotes too, given the current state of news reporting in America.
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Heh, the article is dedicated less on "open source news" and more about "what's cool about MetaFilter." Go Matt! :-)
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I'm sure he's checking the site right now to see what metafilter thinks of him. One word: solipsist.
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How about a stock swap? I've got stock in and I should hang on to the BIDC stock... how about I give you all of my stock in ORG for total ownership of MeFi. [And to all the folks out there worried about me installing a language filter, I won't... I prefer peer pressure : ) ]
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lowblow: I think you missspelled "link slut". HTH. HAND.
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I come to MetaFilter. I click a link to Slate. Where I find links back to MetaFilter. 10 GoTo 10. I am dizzy. I'm going to lie down and calm the voices.
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That bastard Rob Walker at Slate. Notice he wrote SOMEONE posted a link at MeFi... It wasn't some anonymous someone, it was Mars Saxman. Why not give the Saxman credit?
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hey matt, do we get stock options? in case you get bought out?
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And all of you thought that this was just a joke...

Typical pusher, getting us hooked for free, then *BAM* with the buyout!
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Go to this thread in Metatalk (where the real hot sexy action is) and encourage Matt. Do it! Do it now!
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Mathowie, I'm expecting my kickback check in the mail real soon now.
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Self-logging! Matt is self-blogging! Shameless.
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Wow, that had a lot of MeFi links. Go Matt go!

Though I guess we all helped in bits and pieces. Go us!
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Does Bill Gates or Michael Kinsley visit MeFi? Someone sift through the log files. I need an answer.
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"MetaFilter scoops national News TV and Web sites. I wonder what combining 'opensource' trends & users all over the world can do to the news business?"

They quoted my post. Cool!
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By the way, did anyone read the reader comments to this article? Members of their elite get a little gold star standing for "Star Posters" next to their names (even though apparently no Star Posters have participated in the hundreds-long, never-to-die, never-to-get-anywhere flame war on, gawd, PETA). Anyway, Matt, can't those of us who are mostly grammatical and shun trolls get little crowns or gold champion belts next to our names?
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The rapid distribution of information about breaking news and disasters via personal websites, weblogs and collaborative spaces such as MetaFilter reminds me of the crucial role amateur radio operators play in times of strife, relaying vital emergency information and personal messages when traditional land-line or broadcast networks fail.

The uniquely distributed nature of the internet would work in favor of a "disaster weblog" in the event California finally slides into the ocean or a major storm hits the midwest. Has anyone had experience with relief agencies or government sites using the web in this way (Red Cross, National Weather Service, FEMA etc.)?
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Also, the quote, "Anyone in the Web marketing business ought to follow MetaFilter as closely as Ad Age." gives me the heebie-jeebies. I shudder to think what flippant meems we start here might be appropriated, stripped of their (often minimal to begin with) irony and used to sell sugar water.
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We 0wnz th3 adv3rt1s1ng w0rld.

On another note, Metafilter (plus a couple other 'blogs) is my primary news source. 90% of the news I hear on the radio I have already read, discussed, and digested days before on metafilter.
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10 GoTo 10

More like:
10 GOTO 20
20 GOTO 10


I love BASIC.
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Like sonofsam, I get 90% of my news here too. And this is *always* where I hear about webjunk first. I love me some MeFi. I thought that Slate article was pretty well done.
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Self-logging! Matt is self-blogging! Shameless.

Matt Haughey publishes Slate?
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Metafilter ... is my primary news source.

Same here. I don't necessarily have time to read every story on every interesting site, so I rely on sites like MetaFilter to find me the interesting and relevant ones. As a bonus I get interactive commentary from a variety of pretty smart people. MetaFilter is the kind of site people were thinking of when they talked about the role editors would play on the Web, although -- surprise -- the "editors" are largely self-selecting volunteers.
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