Vulgar Song and Slang from the 19th Century and earlier
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Francis Grose's Dictionary of the Vulgar Tongue from 1811. Canting Dictionary (thieving slang) from 1736. Three Centuries of Canting Songs and Slang Rhymes (1536–1896). Before you end up scragged, ottomised, and grinning in a glass case, you should learn to sing Frisky Moll's Song... and know what the heck it means:
A famble, a tattle, and two popps,
Had my Boman when he was ta’en;
But had he not bouz’d in the diddle shops,
He’d still been in Drury-Lane.

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From the very awesome website Liam's Pictures from Old Books which I posted before.
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Whore pipe.

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Very interesting... Great site... That URL (fromoldbooks) first looked to me like "from mold books" and I thought they were being clever, saying that by putting the books online they were rescuing them from mold... lol
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This a great post. Does living on Drury Lane make the Muffin Man a pimp?
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I believe Grose's monumental work was later superseded by F.A.King, Cant, as regards Cockney usage. I certainly hear this latter work cited often when visiting London and environs.
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Ooh, this could be useful... thanks, Kattullus!
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Thanks for this useful link. BibliOdyssey is worth a look too.
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I like manoeuvring the apostles; also Buttock and Twang, "a common Whore, but no Pickpocket." (It's a sign of civilization to make these fine distinctions.) Great post!
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Cool! I have a copy of The Vulgar Tongue- you can buy it here.
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Fantastic links, thank you so much. I think I'll spend the day reading these-- looking forward to it.
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Fine post. Thanks.
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A+++++ Quality FPP. Would read again.
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Yeah! Thanks for post!
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I know this is several days late ... but I was having trouble accessing the site and realized that a scan of the entire book is online at Google Book Search and can be read online, searched, or downloaded as a PDF. (Disclosure: sure, I'm a Google employee, but I still think it's neat and I needed to find out what a gull-groper was. Now I know.)
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sure, I'm a Google employee

Can you do something about the fucking "snippet view" that's ruining my life? Thanks!
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