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Are you a fan of Channel 4's venerable game show Countdown, but never had the chance to play? Check out this well-made Flash version. It's just one of the classic British game shows made interactive at, which also features The Price is Right, Family Fortunes, and Blockbusters. Caution: Heavy Flash video, commercial breaks, and some of the UI takes a bit of practice. Via.
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Blockbusters intro!

(although the game is fairly shoddy)
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and, heaven help me, they've done interstitial ads properly, the bastards
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Now that I've played it a bit more, it does seem buggy -- the numbers round especially.
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What is it about ITV and pumping its viewers for cash?

And the weird silhouettes of contestants are very weird (especially the ones in Countdown).
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The vowel and consonant boxes are the wrong way round!
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I am great with words, but my silhouetted contestant looked downright embarrassed at how bad she is with numbers.
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What is it about ITV and pumping its viewers for cash?

Countdown has been a Channel 4 show for over twenty years and has never been on ITV. In fact, it was the first ever programme to be screened on Channel 4.
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Countdown has been a Channel 4 show for over twenty years and has never been on ITV. In fact, it was the first ever programme to be screened on Channel 4.

That's cleared that one up. Thanks.
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You know, the more I play these games, the more it feels like the guys behind them are making stupid mistakes.

The "reaction shots" of the ghostly psuedo-contestants is just creepy. The interface drives you mad after a short while. It feels like what it is, which is to say, a load of old game show clips glued together by a bit of flash (and some voice over from the original presenters). It could be better.

Kudos for them for sorting out all the licensing, which must have been nightmarish, but I think they need to take a look at their product. It's clever but it's a little sub-par. As Roy Walker might say, "It's close but it's not close enough."
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I haven't watched Countdown since the Bevis Frond was on it. How could they top that?
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After a couple of hours, I can verify that my afternoons were wasted in front of the television.

hint - type the answer to catchphrase; it took me ages to work out
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Watching Countdown can be terribly addicting. I happened upon it while flipping through the channels when we were in the UK a few years back, and was pleased to find episodes floating around the internet. Compared to some of the shows in the US it is definitely low tech and takes more brain power than luck.

Although the game is fun to play along with, some of the contestants really make it worthwhile to just watch. My favorite show so far was the May 28 match between Stewart Gordon and Dundas Keating (whose favorite band is Led Zeppelin).
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Being from the US, I've never seen Countdown except in About A Boy. It intrigues me to no end that the prize on Countdown isn't cash or spectacular prizes, but a one-of-a-kind tea kettle. (Wikipedia says the champion of a season gets the full OED, which you have to build a shelf for. )
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The best use, maybe ever, of the Countdown out-of-time stinger can be found about at 2:00 in this Little Britain sketch. Fantastic...
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I developed a serious addiction to Countdown when I was off work recovering from surgery a few years ago. On the days I work from home I always watch it, and it's also repeated at 5.30am, so, saddo that I am, I sometimes watch it on my commuting days as I eat my breakfast.

I will never forget the thrill that day I managed to do a fiendish numbers game and nobody in the studio - not even Carol Vorderman - could do it. I even wrote it out during the ad break to make sure I was right.

*realises I should get out more*
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R.I.P Richard Whiteley!
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Whiteley - a man amongst men. Especially know for his avant garde neck-ware.

What a silly bunt!
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