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Classical hits on the Theremin: Thomas Grillo performs Rachmaninoff's Vocalise, and the inimitable Clara Rockmore plays Cassado's Requiebros and Saint-Saëns The Swan.
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Supplying 100% of your Minimum Daily Adult Requirement of Theremin!
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Don't worry be happy.
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Yay! Here's a chance to link to this Theremin instruction video again! (It went out with the last deleted theremin post, but I think it'll be of interest to those who want to know exactly what's going on when a theremin is played. Or to those people who like to see classically dorky-looking guys with really bad neckties.)
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Gnarles Barkley's "Crazy". Kind of sounds like a real vocalist who just doesn't know how to close his mouth.
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Are all thereminists required to keep that eerie stoic gaze when playing? All of them seem to do it. Here's another sublime rendition of The Swan by Masami Takeuchi, and this is a somewhat bizzarre chorus of Matryoshka Theremins led by the master again.
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Clara Rockmore's performances are hauntingly beautiful. I've heard of theremins, but never actually saw one being played in that way, that was cool.

BrotherCaine and rkent, your videos feature the same guy. Clearly he's gotten a LOT better over the past year.
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Don't forget to search for the Theremin version of "Video Killed the Radio Star".
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I'm getting tired of Theremin this and Theremin that... what about the Chapman Stick ?!

second link goes to a formerly lost cut from David Lynch's Dune where Patrick Stewert [youtube] playing Gurney Halleck plays a "balliset"
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porpoise is right... can't Tony Levin get any love up in here?
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Awesome! Thanks for this, BP.
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It all seems to sound like a very serious round of "Swanee Kazoo". I suppose that's what you get for using an outmoded piece of technology that has long since passed any period of comprehensible use.

And at the piano
, Colin Sell.
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