Kanye Jocks Daft Punk Jocks Edwin Birdsong
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New Kwest combining Daft Punk and Akira. Can you hear the Birdsong? (via Digg)
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Well that was absolute garbage.
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Needs more giant melting mutant baby.
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The Edwin Birdsong link isn't working for me. For those who didn't know, Edwin wrote the hook that Daft Punk lifted for there track "Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger" and that Kanye West has sampled for his new track. Edwin's track is called "Cola Bottle Baby".

Oh, and this Kanye West track is shite.
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I didn't remember a single scene from the Akira clipfest. I didn't think it had been so long since I had seen the movie.
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maybe this works
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Fuck it I like it , His rap on top is shit but it was never really meant to be good his rap coincides with the daft punk sample voices undcrneath in some some really cool ways. I like how he slowed it down and doubled the beat and the use of the repeated "never over" in places is hot.
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Is there anything or anyone Kanye West won't rip off?

He's the new Puff Daddy....absolute unoriginal dreck.
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Isn't it ironic how ironic it is?
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I was disappointed he didn't copy more from Akira and do something shot-by-shot, like this Korean music video did with Final Fantasy Advent Children.
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I love the YT comments:

` Kaneda doesn't care about black people '

` he rhymes "front" with "front", and "plans" with "plans." man's a fucking genius. '

Hilarious, but I liked the video, anyway.
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This just sounds like a barely-competent mash-up produced by a stoned teen. Which presumably means that the inevitable imminent barely-competent mash-up of it and something else will be amazing. Or something.
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previously, better video.
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Eh, Edwin Birdsong probably stole it from Zapp and Roger or something.
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Is there anything or anyone Kanye West won't rip off?

He's the new Puff Daddy....absolute unoriginal dreck.

Ok so lets see here- Daft Punk Samples Edwin Bird Song and uses
chicago disco/ filter house as a blueprint and they are not rip offs? Kanye West is merely reappropriating the sound and sample - with Daft Punk's blessing.
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This just reminds me of this awesome fan made Daft Punk video. And proves you don't need lots of money and cgi to make a good music video.
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Slimepuppy, Progosk just linked that.

Sorry Rubbstone, liked the original Daft Punk better. I'll give it another listen later when I'm less grumpy though.
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I'll give the video this: The YouTube comments below are even weirder than usual. "Kahnay B missin da poin. E shun burra ivvy dunno wer iz cahm frahm. Jus sain." What does that mean? Seriously, I want to know.
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Saw Daft Punk in Hyde Park last month - they were awesome...
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"Kahnay B missin da poin. E shun burra ivvy dunno wer iz cahm frahm. Jus sain."

Kanye is missing the point. He shouldn't borrow if he don't know where it's coming from. Just saying.

Just saying.
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"Kahnay B missin da poin. E shun burra ivvy dunno wer iz cahm frahm. Jus sain."

Kanye be missing the point he shouldn't borrow if he don't know where it came from. Just Saying
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Thanks, both of you!
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I prefer this remix by Mano
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Dig it. The whole point of this genre is to reappropriate, take it somewhere new. Can't stand the Daft Punk track, slowing it down and adding the second beat make it much more enjoyable. He's not a great rapper, but it's the production that I enjoy.
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D'oh. Had no idea The Deft Hands of Daft Punk had featured on the blue. Live and learn.
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Needs more Yamagata.
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Yeah, I think Kanye knows exactly where it came from, considering he got permission to use the sample. Der.

Taste, on the other hand, is subjective. I like it, but not too much. It's more of a novelty than anything else. Plus the anime shit is annoying as fuck.
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As far as shot-for-shot, there's a few scenes that are well-done. Well, there's the bit from when Tetsuo was in the govt scanner machine, the one with the big rings mounted on robot arms. They used that a lot in the video.

There's the bit from Tetsuo breakin' out the hospital. This is from about 2:15 in the video up till about 3:00. Of course, in Akira he does this twice... The first time is bloodless, when the nurse comes to his room and finds him gone. The second time is when he smears the Doctor and attendant all over the hallway. The video here mashes both of those together along with the scene with the military guys in the hospital corridor, which is from when Tetsuo was trying to enter room A-1 where the project "kids" hang out.

There was the visual homage of the motorbikes leaving trails, and some generic Japanese street scenes that one could say are similar to shots from Akira. That's about all I could pick up in the youtube-quality version. I watched it about 4 times in the name of science. Anyone see anything else I missed?

For another video that tips the hat to Akira, check out Paulina Rubio's "Don't Say Goodbye". While not identical, the motobike is clearly inspired by Kaneda's bike in Akira. She's got the red suit on, and she lays it sideways and skids to a stop, similar to this shot. Too bad she rides it like a crotch rocket instead of a chopper.

Credentials: I am a huge Akira fan. I've watched it hundreds of times.
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bobo123, that video was really cool. Thanks for the link, I hadn't seen it before.

Inevitable that the youtube commenters mistake it for "plagiarism".
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Man, how awfully terrible.

On using Akira - I can't stand it when someone combines banal lyrics and subject matter with something of a completely different context, not to mention vastly more sophisticated, relative-like. This kind of crap is the worst of the worst.

I don't care about the plagiarism as much as his poor taste. Given such great source material both musically and theatrically, he dropped the ball.
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Fuck all of you. That was amazing. I'm basically ready to throw my money at whoever made that video.
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Right on, BeerFilter. Akira = old school love for me.

I think I spent one winter curled up on a couch with it on a looping VCR back in the late 90's.

In fact, I even have the original soundtrack loaded in my iTunes, which I listen to quite often (especially the last track called Requiem).

Was kind of disappointed in the video. I wanted more. But I will be, eh, re-appropriating the good CG bits and effects shots from this video for, um, personal use. Yeah, that's the ticket.
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Saw Daft Punk in Hyde Park last month

Daft Punk is playing at my house.
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It's a cool idea, but the song is lacking any weight of its own, just doesn't really go anywhere, whereas the sources had very specific things to say, IMHO.
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It's too bad kids today won't get that "Holy Crap Am I Actually Seeing What I'm Seeing?!" experience from watching Akira the first time. Anime is everywhere now.

When I saw Akira for the first time, it was like something from another planet to me. I watched it 3 times in a row, and nearly wore the tape out eventually.
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I'll second that, empath. The first time I saw Akira it was like getting hit between the eyes with a hammer made of love.
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House music is back? I didn't that memo.
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I think I'm going to have to go back and listen to the Kwest track again, 'casue I was too busy watching the video. There's a lot abot the video that struck me as interesting, beyond the Akira homage. The style, from the low-tek video stutter to the little hopping dance that Kanye does, to the shutter-shades he's wearing all hearken back to the early days of MTV and the 80's in general. I'm kinda curious who's idea that was.
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some more opinion/analysis.
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Agreed, Empath, Lekvar.

I doubt kids today get any sort of Akira-like feeling from watching the Pokemon movies, or whatever that stuff is on Cartoon Network -- Bleach?

Our generation rocks.
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This thread reminded me to go watch the Akira DVD I bought a few weeks ago. I'd had the old version for a long time, but I finally bought the one with the new audio script. Good stuff. It makes a lot more sense now.
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Eeeeeexcellent. I do love Kanye: his videos, clothes, arrogance, music. All are on top form 24/7, and there's nothing much anyone can do to detract from them. Love that video, especially how visually solid and informed it is.
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I'm in the distinct minority, but I like Kanye's rapping. I have to give him some points for actually trying to rap about something sometimes. And yes, a lot of the time, he is rapping about bankrolls, clothes, and hos, but when he doesn't, he has some great things to say and some reasonably good flows to do it with. He doesn't attempt rapping styles that he isn't good enough to pull off, and I appreciate it.

This song is a long way from that, and I'm disappointed.

If you are ready to reply to this with a "Kanye sucks," try listening to a track like "Family Business" off College Dropout.
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I think this is all tied into Bathing Ape and Nigo. He has a Japanese rap supergroup called Teriyaki Boyz, and Daft Punk produced their first single (an excellent song!). Kanye West featured on another of Teriyaki Boyz' singles produced at the start of the year (pretty poor in comparison).
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Hurf durf I'm a dead meme
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