Lautrec's models in photographs
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Photographs of the dancers, actresses, cafe-life figures and prostitutes who were the subjects of Toulouse Lautrec's paintings, including such luminaries as Sarah Bernhardt, "La Goulue" (Louise Weber; remember this?), and Jane Avril, who was the model for this last, iconic, Lautrec poster. View pages of the art matched up with photos, here, here, and here, and go to this page to rummage around in even more collections that include photos of Lautrec, his friends and family, street and location scenes, and lots of other tidbits. [Spanish language site; NUDITY]
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Also, anyone who is interested in this post will also not want to miss mjj's earlier post, The Impressionists' Secret Weapon, about the use of early photography in art.
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Great post. Thanks, taz.
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Very cool, thank you for sharing!
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Oh, yes, this is excellent.

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The iconic poster for me is of Aristide Bruant. He really had a hat like that. I wonder if he had the scarve too, or it it was artistic wishful thinking?
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taz, this is a most stellar post - what a rich find - thanks for the post!

I am caught up in the story of Suzanne Valadon - in addition to being painted by Lautrec, she was the model for some of my favorite works: Degas' bathing women, Renoir's dancers and a portrait by her famous son Utrillo --- not to mention her own works.

I probably won't get much work done today now. Oh well.
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I had always imagined an intense, brooding Lautrec, half-crazed by the green fairy, staring down his model in a dimly lit Montmartre appartment. And now you've ruined it all. Sort of like David Hockneys "Secret Knowledge" (although not all agree).
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Fascinating pictures, Helene Vary is exquisite like the rest in their own way. Thanks taz, what a great post.
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What a great find!
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Terrific post, thanks!
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