Hermeto Pascoal's Música da Lagoa
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You folks out there in MeFi Town been keeping up with the water themed MeFi Music Challenge? There's been some mighty fine uploads for you to check out! But if there was ever a piece of music deserving the water tag, it's this drenching wet masterpiece by Brazil's brilliant, eccentric musical genius Hermeto Pascual, in which Hermeto and his band play bottles full of water, and flutes full of water, and, well, the lake. Música da Lagoa: water music at its very best. And its very wettest. [more inside]
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So, this guy doesn't just play flute in the lake, as you might've guessed. Here's a stunning performance from 1984, featuring some of Pascoal's penchant for blisteringly-fast tempos and incredibly powerful and rhythmically precise keyboard work. And those are some seriously badass flute players.

And here we find Hermeto in a playful mood. Playing a strand of hair from his Santa-esque beard. As well as (you guessed it) a bowl of water. And a teakettle. And whatnot. Wonderful!

Anyway, these are just the tip of the iceberg: tiny glimpses into the musical world of this amzing and extremely prolific composer and multi-instrumentalist. And happily, there's lots Hermeto on YouTube.
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What a wonderful video! THanks!
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The lake video reminds me of Tom Zé, in a way...
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The lake video reminds me of Tom Zé, in a way...

Yes. Tom Zé is absolutely the spiritual godson of Hermeto.

(But, wow, this post didn't garner many comments, eh? I guess ol' Hermeto just too weird for folks?)
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Well, flapjax, it's like I said over in the Let's-All-Give-Jack-White-A-Blowjob Thread: music is the most subjective thing on Earth.
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Weird for sure, but I hadn't heard of him and watched it all. Thanks!
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this post didn't garner many comments, eh?

Loved it, but didn't have much to say. I emailed it to a few friends who were also very appreciative. Their replies:

"I think we should find that lagoon, go there and re-enact his piece."

"This video MADE my day!"

"A little disturbing around 2:35 when the butterflies kick in. I said to myself 'I don't recall smoking anything.'"
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